A Heroine's Questionnaire

Recently I've met a really lovely blogger...

Her name is Xandra and she runs a blog called Heroine Training, which (if you haven't already) you need to go and check out. She writes about taking inspiration from your favourite fictional characters and bringing their qualities you love into your life. Pretty amazing right?

Well, recently Xandra did a great post bringing back the good old MySpace questionnaire. I loved this idea because as a past MySpace/Bebo scene kid (should I do a throwback thursday post on this? - With photos!), I used to spend many weekday nights filling out questionnaires and sharing them to my page in the hopes that my other scene kid friends would fill them out. So in the name of nostalgia, let's do this!

1. What is your name?

Poppy to those who know me IRL or Poppy Mayy on the internet!

2. What is your sun sign?

I actually had to Google this one, I only know my star sign (Aquarius btw!). So according to Google sun signs are the same as star signs...If you're an astrology/zodiac whizz please explain this to me in the comments below!

3. What is the last film you saw in the cinema?

Rogue One and although I do love Star Wars I was not that thrilled with this one...Sorry...

4. What is the most played song in your iTunes library?

I don't have iTunes. But my most played song on Google music is Caged Bird from the Nashville soundtrack. 

5. What is the last picture on your camera?

A selfie of me, Elliott and our good friend Grace who is going back to Australia this week *super sad face*

6. What did you do for fun as a kid?

I used to (and still do!) love the dance. 

7. The last conversation that lit you up was about...

I think it was with Elliott and it was just talking about how excited we are for the weekend! 

8. What is your favourite piece of clothing you're wearing now and why?

Well I'm wearing my pajamas and they're my favourite because when I'm wearing them I know I can relax.

9. Last cup consumed was of...

Some fresh apple juice.

10. Favourite coloured pen?

Pink (if that wasn't already obvious!)

11. If you could have anything for dinner what would it be...

Mac and cheese every single time.

12. Ice or no ice?

I like to have a drink, not half a cup of ice. So none for me thanks!

13. Last new place you visited?

I'm always visiting new places, consequently I cannot remember which one is the most recent. 

14. Last time you broke a sweat was because...

I was dancing of course!

15. If you had to write a fan letter right now who would you write to?

Nicolas Cage because he is my favourite actor ever (unpopular opinion of the decade).

16. What do you keep avoiding on your to-do list?

Cleaning my make-up brushes... The bane of my life!

17. What's in your pocket?

I don't have any pockets I'm afraid...

18. Most looking forward to...

My holiday to India next month!

19. Three things around you right now...

My phone, a blanket and a pillow. 

20. What time is it?

It is currently twenty to ten at night. 

So that's all of the questions in the heroine questionnaire. If you would like to do this Q&A in the honour of MySpace questionnaires past, please leave a link to it down below in the comments, I'd love to know all of your answers.