Conquering Curvy: End of Summer Fashion Wishlist

Who doesn't love a good wishlist?

I've always loved reading other bloggers wishlists but I've only just started getting into doing my own. A few weeks ago I did a summer bikini wishlist so I thought why not do a general summer fashion wishlist? There are literally so many things I am lusting after at the moment - I just haven't gotten around to purchasing any of them!

As always all of my picks on my fashion wishlist are items that I personally would love to rock this summer and items that I think will suit my slightly curvier than the average body type. However if you don't have the same body type as me - who cares? You can look damn good in these too!

1. American Eagle Button-Up Front Maxi Dress (£38.39)

fashion blogger end of summer wishlist

I think this dress is the ultimate transition piece for the upcoming autumn. On warmer days you can wear it on it's own and when it's a bit chillier you can layer it up with a roll neck top or throw on a chunky knit cardi.

My favourite feature on this dress is the subtle sweetheart neckline which I think looks particularly flattering on larger busts. The dress is also cut so that the waistline goes in without any cinching making it look beautifully floaty and seamless.

The deep red shade is perfect for summer days and frolicking through the early Autumn. The polka dots give the dress a bit of interest too without being too imposing. 

2. Boohoo Cut Out ACDC Band Tee (£16)

fashion blogger curvy summer fashion wishlist

Who doesn't own or want to own a good band tee? And spoiler alert I actually listen to ACDC before any puritan metalhead decides to comment! The main reason why I love band tees so much is because they are so versatile. They look great with jeans, leggings, shorts, skirts, even layered under dresses.

The main reason I chose this band tee over all the others out there is because it has this awesome V cut out which plunges down to the chest. Again I think this looks very flattering on big busts especially if you layer a harness bra underneath. I also love the cut of the shoulders - it's super casual and comfy. The way the sleeves are just jaggedly cut off make it look really bad ass too. 

3. Shein Chunky Mustard Yellow Cardigan (£18.76)

fashion blogger curvy summer fashion wishlist

Since about 2012 I have had a massive crush on mustard yellow. I don't know why but I just adore it. So when I was browsing the Shein website and came across this beauty I couldn't help but include it in my wishlist. It's everything I want in a cardigan - chunky knit, long sleeves, pockets and of course that mustard yellow which I am obsessed with.

I know a knitted cardigan isn't on everyone's summer wishlist but London weather is unpredictable and pretty much always chilly so a cardigan never goes amiss in my wardrobe. 

To be honest there is nothing about this cardigan that would make it particularly more flattering on curvier people than any other body type but I just really like this cardigan - that's why it's included. I think it'll look great thrown over a dress with some boots or even with a basic tee and jeans combo. 

This cardigan is everything - a brilliant colour, massive styling potential and of course cozy (a all time deal breaker when you live in London). So there's only one thing to left to say about this item, who's buying it for me?

4. Hollister Purple Tie Dye Cold Shoulder Hoodie (£27)

curvy fashion blogger summer fashion wishlist

I'm still 100% in love with this tie-dye trend. I think it looks magical, mystical and it is just pure magnificence. I love the fact that this hoodie comes in an array of colours too like pink, black, grey and beige however the only tie dye option is purple. So obviously I had to go with purple.

I find that Hollister is really good quality and I can imagine that the inside of this hoodie is really soft. But I'm sure the cold shoulder detail will keep you cool on those hotter days - and the jumpers cropped so you can beat the heat that way too.

I'd probably pair this with my absolute fav vintage levi shorts and some basic trainers for a really casual weekend look. Then in the Autumn I can always layer up underneath and throw on some high waisted jeans for some extra warmth.  

So which item in the wishlist was your favourite? I have to say I really can't decide but I am leaning towards the polka dot maxi dress! What's on your summer wishlist? Let me know in the comments below.