Conquering Curvy: The Best Gift Fashion Has Ever Given Fuller Busts

This accessory will change your life.

What? I know this is a bold statement to make but if you're like me (a lady with a substantially large cup size) then you'll completely understand. No matter what size in the larger bust department you are, you probably know the importance of investing in a new bra. For me at least, there is a large criteria that a bra has to fit before I even consider buying it. 

I usually ask myself these questions before purchasing a bra. Does it (this is pretty damn important) come in my size? Is it comfortable? Does it provide the right support for me? However, even when a bra pasts these tests there comes a time when it's not what it used to be. Technically you're supposed to throw out bras after six months. But let's be honest ladies, do any of you do that religiously? Didn't think so.

So, Poppy, what's this thing that's going to change my life then? Oh yeah, it's these little doo-hickeys...

conquering curvy fashion blogger the best gift fashion has ever given fuller busts

So how did I come to use these for more than just changing my bra straps around?

Well, it started a few months ago when I was continuously complaining to my fiance, Elliott (lucky guy, right?) about upper back pain, which we both assumed was being caused by my bras. So, he had the idea of getting one of these clips to change my bra back into a racer back. Mainly because I have literally zero pain when I wear sports bras (mine are all racer back) and the structure would provide some well needed support. So it was pretty much the best idea we had and we ran with it!

conquering curvy fashion blogger the best gift fashion has ever given fuller busts

I know they look a bit underwhelming but I promise you that these are just what you need to bring your tired bra back to life. So, these work by the simple idea of turning regular bras into racer backs. All you have to do is thread your bra straps through them.

But don't worry if you don't have detachable straps because they have clips for that too. All you have to do is weave the middle of each strap over and under the anchor looking part.

Once you have done that, I promise you that your body will transform before your eyes. You're suddenly more lifted, fully supported and if I do say so myself, like you're wearing a completely new bra!

The best part? They are super cheap, the anchor looking ones come from Amazon (my fiance got them for me). And the heart shaped ones are from Debenhams (which it doesn't look like they sell anymore unfortunately). Anyway the clips all came in packs and were less than £5 a pack! So you literally don't have an excuse not to try them! 

So bookmark this post, try them out and let me know if you think they made a difference! I'd love to know everyone's experiences with this one weird hack.