Conquering Curvy: The #CurvyGirlProblems Q&A

I'm finally back with another Conquering Curvy post!

I haven't posted anything in my Conquering Curvy series for a while but I just wanted to tell you that I have many exciting things in the works for it at the moment, it's just a matter of time. Anyway, back to this post. This week I took to social media and asked my followers what their biggest #CurvyGirlProblems are. To my surprise quite a few of you came forward and told me about your worst gripes.

So, like any Conquering Curvy hero would, I am going to give you some quick solutions to even the most dire boobie, hip and thigh problems.   

1. Chub rub, help!

Loads of girls have this problem, me included. Chub rub is that annoying moment when your thighs rib together when you walk, which can cause pain and irritation, especially if you're wearing a dress or skirt. Not cool. But don't worry ladies I've got you covered and no it doesn't involve wearing shorts or massive granny panties. Introducing the bandlette, a cute garter that is wide enough for even the most voluptuous thighs. Just slip it on underneath your outfit and you're ready to go. I have been using them regularly and they never roll down or cause irritation. They just stop your thighs from chaffing! Did I mention that they come in some super cute designs too? You're welcome. 

conquering curvy curvy girl problems q & a

2. I have a small waist but a big bum and thighs! Where can I get gym leggings that fit?!

One word ladies, PINK. I have never found any better fitting leggings and yoga pants. The material allows the leggings to hug you in all of the right places. Majority of them are slightly high waisted so this helps with your small waist even more. I think the way they are cut helps too. When you lay out a pair of PINK leggings you can see that the waist is substantially smaller than the hips. If you're going to get some though, I'd highly recommend the Ultimate High Waisted Legging. If you're thinking of getting some I am a size 12/14 and I get a size medium.

conquering curvy curvy girl problems q & a

3. Dresses that fit everywhere apart from my chest! Suggestions?

This #CurvyGirlProblem is the story of my life. Too long have I been buying dresses almost three sizes too big for the rest of my body to accommodate the girls. No more! My top suggestions would be to steer clear of anything that buttons up. Sure, they look cute on the mannequin in Topshop but it's not going to look cute when your dress is bursting at the seams or drowning you. In my personal experience I have found that only dresses with a thicker, higher-quality fabric will do. This prevents that sudden awful realisation that your whole top half is transparent. Another piece of advice, always try dresses on. You never know how they're going to adapt to your *ahem* assets.   

conquering curvy curvy girl problems q & a

I will be doing another Conquering Curvy #CurvyGirlProblems Q&A soon as I do have a lot more to wardrobe malfunctions to solve. Let me know down in the comments below what you thought of this post and tell me your own #CurvyGirlProblems. I will try my best to fit it into my next post!