First Impressions: Borghese Fango Active Mud Mask

It's no secret that I love trying out face masks...

That's why when I was breaking out like crazy this week I thought I'd better grab one from my cosmetics trunk and give my skin a pamper. Majority of face masks I've tried have worked out for me, despite my sensitive skin. I think this is because I usually try to stick with masks that have mostly natural ingredients and don't contain any nasty chemicals.

When rooting around I found this Borghese Fango active mud mask sample that I got in a previous Look Fantastic box. The first thing that caught my eye is that this sample looks like a little espresso pod - it's so cute! Also it's a mud mask and I hadn't tried one out in a while so I thought I should give it a go. 

So according to my little leaflet from the Look Fantastic box the Borghese Fango active mud mask was is this product has derived from traditional Tuscan treatments, with deep-down purifying power that purges and minimizes pores. It exfoliates and helps surface cell turnover, imparting clarity. It hydrates and firms reducing fine lines and provides smooth, toned texture. Infused with sweet almond and avocado oils, this mud detoxifies and does away with dull skin, leaving skin radiant and refreshed. This sounded like it was exactly what my skin needed. 

beauty blogger review borghese fango active mud mask

Before applying the mask I ensured that my skin was clean and clear of any impurities. To do this I just cleansed my skin with the Garnier micellar water, then waited for my skin to dry and applied some Nuxe skin toner with a cotton wool pad. Once my skin was squeaky clean I began to apply the mask. 

My first impression of this mask was "damn that's thick". In comparison to other mud masks I've tried the Borghese formula is rather dense, consequently I ended up applying a rather thick layer, making sure to avoid direct contact with my eyes, nostrils and lips. The packaging states that you only need to leave the product on for five minutes! This is my kind of treatment. 

Whilst I was waiting for the treatment to set in I started to notice the scent of the masks more and it is beautiful. It's not overbearing, floral or too sweet. It smells more earthy with botanical undertones that reminded me of some of my favourite musky perfumes. It made me feel completely relaxed and restored.   

beauty blogger review borghese fango active mud mask

After a quick five minute wait I began to take the mask off with some lukewarm water. When rubbing this off it's far easier to keep the tap running and scrub the product gently with wet hands. As the formula is so thick it does take a while to get the entirety of the mask off. 

However when you finally get it off I promise you that you won't be disappointed. Quite honestly I have never felt my skin so soft! It felt like silk with a extremely youthful bounce to it just like a baby's skin. I was really impressed with these instant results and I have to say my skin felt radiant even three days after using the treatment. 

As you would expect after achieving such amazing results I knew I wanted to get the full sized product. So I did a little Google search and found the Borghese website and then the Fango active mud mask. It turns out results like this come with a hefty price tag of $50 for a 7.5 ounce pot or $100 for a 17.6 ounce pot! Needless to say I haven't managed to bring myself to purchasing one yet!

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