Free Advertising For My Fellow Bloggers

free advertising for bloggers

Ever wanted more exposure for your blog?

Course you do! But I know that some of these things cost money which isn't always feasible. Especially if you're a student, have bills to pay or just feel like advertisers are just trying make money out of you.

That's why I have decided to create a system where bloggers can advertise on my blog for a whole month completely and utterly for free! That's right for free. 

However as you've probably guessed because the advertising is free and my blog only has so much space, I am only going to give my free advertising spot to one blogger a month who has less than 500 followers (I will list the full criteria below). My reasoning behind this is because blogger's who are relatively new can find it hard to be seen in the wonderful craziness that is the blogosphere. 

As well as getting a free advertising space in my sidebar I will also dedicate a whole blog post to you and your blog! Again, this just gives you a bit more exposure and lets my readers know a little more about you. 

So I bet now you're thinking that's all well and good but what do I expect in return? My answer- nothing. I just hope that it gives you the exposure that you deserve and that one day when you have a larger following yourself that you pay it forward to other new bloggers. That's it. 

If you want to apply for free advertising on my blog then please fill out this form on my free advertising page. But before you apply please read the full criteria list below:

1. Less than 500 RSS subscribers. 

2. Less than 1000 Twitter followers. 

3. Less than 1000 Instagram followers. 

4. Posts new content at least once a week.

5. The blog is at least three months old. 

Remember don't comment with an application below, you have to fill out the form on the free advertising page. Good luck!