I am Beautiful

Hi there!

Recently I was lucky enough to attend the I am Beautiful event hosted by Satellite PR and Exorex. Although the event was to market a product, it had a deeper, more personal and more important meaning and that's what I want to talk to you all about today. 

You are beautiful. I am beautiful. But sometimes every day occurrences, mainly our own minds make us feel otherwise. And that's not good for us, physically or mentally. We all suffer from self image issues. It's not about being weak or being self-obsessed. It's about being human. However, with a little bit of work you can make it better. It'll never be perfect but it's better than torturing yourself with your own mind.

At the event I met an amazing lady named Giorgia Lanuzza and her story was so beautiful. It wasn't beautiful because she overcame all of her problems in the end, it was beautiful because of how she thought and felt about her story. Giorgia has psoriasis, a skin condition that can leave dry, painful, red lesions all over the body. Unfortunately psoriasis covers 97% of Giorgia's. However, she never let it get her down. She said growing up she was always confident despite her psoriasis because there is no point in hurting your mind when your body is already hurting. She explained that you shouldn't torment yourself about something you cannot change. You should just get on live your life. Because life is so much more than your height, your hair, your face and even your psoriasis. 

You cannot change the colour of the sky but does that mean that you should miserably dwell on the fact you can't? No. You're wasting energy on thinking about how unfair it is or how unhappy it makes you that you cannot change the colour of the sky. You know you never will but by focusing so much negative energy on that impossibility your banishing all of your positivity.

A great analogy from one of the speakers at the event, Suryacitta Malcolm Smith, was all about this. When we experience pain, we have been stabbed by dagger. So what do we do? We take a second dagger and stab ourselves again, causing even more pain, because "it's not fair". We cannot stop the pain of the first knife, but we can stop the second. 

But how? Like what Giorgia said, think postively and do not dwell on something you cannot change about yourself. Stop thinking about your appearance in a way that allows you to torture yourself. Show yourself a bit of love. All of your imperfections are what make you beautiful. 

You are beautiful, it's time you started believing that!