OOTD: Cute and Cozy

I'm getting better at posting OOTDs...

Mainly thanks to Elliott and his new camera. We spend many weekends getting a little snap happy and taking some really fun ootd shots. However this one is way more chill. To be honest even though these photos are a lot less formal than my other ones, I think it perfectly reflects this outfit - chilled out, relaxed and cosy AF!

I wore this outfit one weekend when we were just running a few errands in the morning then retreating back home to watch a tonne of films, eat and cuddle. So I hope you enjoy this very chill but very perfect lazy Sunday outfit... 

fashion blogger ootd outfit of the day casual

This is such a signature "me" outfit - fluffy ankle booties, cozy tights, some vintage denim and a basic music inspired tee. I feel so comfortable in outfits like this and this is definitely my go-to weekend style. A little cozy, very chill and a sprinkle of rock chic.  

fashion blogger ootd outfit of the day casual

I absolutly love this Blondie tee my younger brother got me for Christmas. And before you ask, yes I do listen to the artists that are on my tees. I get that some band tees look cool and people just buy them for "aesthetic" reasons, however I'm not into wearing music merch unless I actually enjoy listening to that artist's music.

fashion blogger ootd outfit of the day casual

I know it's very cliche "white girl" fashion, but I love ugg styled booties. They're comfy, cute and go with pretty much everything. While these ones are ankle styled ones, I also own similar pairs in mid-calf and knee length. I know these sort of boots have a stigma attached to them, that girls who wear them are "basic" and whatever else. But quite honestly they're the comfiest shoes I own - so call me basic all you want!

So that's my go-to casual weekend outfit of the day. What are your cozy wardrobe basics? Leave me a comment down below, I'd love to know. 

(Top - Hollister, Shorts - Vintage Levis, Tights - H&M, Booties - Emu)