Where Have I Been?

I'm sorry I've been missing in action lately. 

Actually sorry not sorry because - I don't mean to brag but I was having an amazing time in India. Yes, I just said India. I went half way across the world to experience a culture and country completely different from my own and I am so glad I did. 

It's not secret that I love to travel and I have a never-ending list of all the places I want to go. So when Elliott and I and our two friends spontaneously booked some flights to India I was naturally so excited, and rightly so. India was an incredible trip which I am happy sharing to be sharing with you all on my YouTube channel

Of course, I am still going to insert my India vlog (part 1 - stay tuned for part 2) here but remember to switch the quality to HD so that you can capture the true beauty of India!