Where Have I Been and Pixie Lott X Kiss Cosmetics Party Vlog

I haven't vlogged in ages...

And if you read my most recent where have I been post then you probably know why. However after attending the Pixie Lott X Kiss cosmetics party I couldn't wait to get back into vlogging for you all. I don't know why but I really love vlogging. Although it can take a lot of time to shoot and edit I feel like you all get to know me a lot better from them than from my blog posts. 

So as always I will insert a video on here of my latest vlog where I have a little bit of a chat, give you a sneak peak of my new home (stay tuned for an apartment tour!) and of course go to a pampering party hosted by Kiss cosmetics with a private performance from Pixie Lott! 

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