Working With Me & My blog

I am always open and willing to work with brands, PR departments and bloggers alike. In fact, as long as the message and content is something I believe in and fits in with my values I am more than happy to collaborate on a wide range of projects. 

If you're thinking of working with me and my blog, please take a look at some of the projects I have done in the past and what sort of work we could do together below. 



examples of collaborations i have worked on

I have worked with many brands and businesses through my blog on sponsored and advertorial content. Brands include: SEVENTEEN, Sudocrem, Strawberries and Creem Festival, Joan Collins Beauty, KISS Cosmetics, IMpress Nails and Boutique of Molly. 

Sponsored content

full sponsored posts

I provide sponsored content services to brands and businesses that I believe in and fit in with my readership. This could be in form of a article or video content. If you wish to contact me about collaborating on some sponsored content together please contact me by filling out the form linked below. 


advertorials, banners and social media

I provide many forms of advertising services for brands and businesses that I believe will appeal to my readership and fit in well with my content. Adverts can be in form of advertorials, banners or social posts. If you wish to enquire about advertising with me please contact me by filling out the form linked below.