The Kiss Lashes You Need This New Years Eve*

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

And I'm sure now that's it's over we're all looking forward to what the new year is going to bring and of course, the new years eve festivities. No matter what you're doing this year, let's be honest, the best part is always about getting ready. Whether you love doing your make-up or shopping for this season's hottest dress getting ready for some festive fun is always at the the top of most people's favourite "party" activity. I know it's at the top of mine. 

This year I was lucky enough to be sent a wonderful Christmas package from my lovely friends over at KISS, who you know I absolutely love, not just because the team are complete babes, but also because they know how to make a good set of lashes! As I said I was sent a marvelous PR package from them full of their latest beauty creations including eyelashes, eyeliner, false nails and eyebrow filler however I decided as new years eve is just around the corner I'd show you my favourite lash picks for this party season!      

Beauty Blogger Picks KISS Lashes For New Years Eve

I have to admit, one thing KISS are good at is creating a range of beauty products for everyone - suited to everyone's tastes, requirements and style. In my opinion, the vast range of lash choices is what makes KISS one of my favourite lash brands, they have a pair of falsies for literally any occasion and of course are incredibly easy to apply, come with their own lash glue and stay in place all night. I had so many different lashes to choose from for this post, however in the end I decided to pick three sets; one dramatic pair, one standard "going-out" pair and one more subtle pair. That way, no matter what you're doing this new years eve there will be a pair for you. 

The subtle pair (KISS Natural Flourish Blooming Lashes - Peony)

Beauty Blogger Picks KISS Lashes For New Years Eve Peony

My first falsies pick is from KISS's natural flourish blooming lash range. This range is full of beautifully subtle lashes that are both full and fluttery without being too over the top. The peony lashes that I have selected are perfect for the day time and for less extravagant get-togethers. When applied they can look very natural and give your eye make-up that added boost to open your eyes up even more, the perfect remedy for us small-eyed folks. These lashes look good with pretty much any eye look too from natural everyday make-up to a full on dramatic smokey eye. 

The dramatic pair (KISS Lash Couture Lashes - Midnight)

Beauty Blogger Picks KISS Lashes For New Years Eve Midnight

There is no questioning the glamour and glitz of KISS's lash couture range. The packaging alone is gorgeous enough to sit front and centre on anyone's dressing table. This lash range is drug-store luxury and the quality of the lashes is second to none. That's why for my dramatic pair pick I have chosen KISS's midnight lashes from the, you guessed it, the lash couture range. These are honestly, the fullest, thickest and longest lashes I have seen that don't look absolutely ridiculous. However, these lashes aren't for the faint-hearted. To really rock these I think you need to up your eye make-up game with a dramatic cut crease paired with contrasting dark colours to combat your chances of looking all lashes. 

The going out pair (KISS Lash Couture Lashes - Little Black Dress)

Beauty Blogger Picks KISS Lashes For New Years Eve Little Black Dress

You've probably already guessed by now that the KISS lash couture range is my favourite range of lashes at the moment. I just love the way they look and feel, they are made of an artificial faux mink material and feel  so soft to the touch. That's why my third and final lash pick for new years eve are these little black dress lashes from the lash couture range. I have to admit, these are my favourite pick out of the three. They carry enough drama to hold their own on a night out but they're also suitable for a evening meal out too. The perfect combination of a natural but glamorous aesthetic for us middle of the road girls who want to look done up but also natural at the same time. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite KISS lashes for new years eve. Which were your favourites and how are you going to be spending new years eve this year?     

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