Eylure Dybrow Brow Kit Review

Recently I dyed my hair black...

However, when I first dyed it, I didn't even think about dying my eyebrows. I already have dark hair so I thought it would be okay to go au natural for a while. But as time went on I realised I didn't feel complete without filling in my eyebrows. So, I thought I'd finally bite the bullet and make my eyebrows just as dark as my hair. 

The reason I had put it off for so long was because I thought black eyebrows would make me look too harsh and a little bit scary. But then I thought I'm filling them in black everyday anyway, so I may aswell dye them.

I decided I would dye my eyebrows at home myself so I went to Boots and picked up the Eylure Dybrow Brow Kit. It seemed pretty easy to use from the instructions on the back and I know the Eylure brand is a pretty trusty one amongst the blogging community.  

beauty blogger eylure brow kit review

The first thing I did was cleanse my eyebrows, as per the instructions, to remove any leftover make-up. Once that was done I outlined my brows with some vaseline. This was so that the dye doesn't transfer onto your skin and stain it. 

Once I opened the kit I found some coloured cream, activation solution, a small plastic stirrer and a eyebrow spooly. All I had to do was put a tiny amount of cream and five drops of the solution in the small dish provided and mix it all up with the stirrer until the mix was of a creamy consistency.   

beauty blogger eylure dybrow brow kit review

After the mixture was all made up, I just had to apply a generous amount onto each of my eyebrows. I then left it on for about 10 minutes and wiped off any excess product with a cotton wool pad. The instructions explicitly say to brush the product off upwards, with the natural grain of your brows. Then wash the brows with some cool water. 

beauty blogger eylure dybrow brow kit review
beauty blogger eylure dybrow brow kit review

Please excuse my wet hair and no make-up face in the before and after shots. But as you can see there is a considerable difference in my brows. I love the way the dye has not only darkened them but given them more shape too. The packaging says that these brows should last about six weeks, however I do have enough product left to do another top up or two. I will definitely keep you updated with the longevity of this brow kit, but so far so good...

Have you ever dyed your eyebrows at home? Share your experiences with me in the comments down below or tell me whether you'd ever dye your own eyebrows.   

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