First Impressions: Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil*

Am I right when I say that we all want our eyebrows to be on fleek?

Why did I even ask - of course we all do! That's why I am eager to share with you all a new eyebrow product by Billion Dollar Brows called the universal brow pencil. I've tried many brow pencils before some not so great and some really life changing ones. It really is true that beautiful brows can change your whole entire look!

beauty blogger reviews billion dollar brows universal brow pencil

At first glance the universal brow pencil can look like any other brow pencil on the market. However did you know this one is also known as the the brow pencil for all hair colours? I can't count how many times I've brought a brow pencil and it has either been too red, too light or too dark. So a product that is formulated to work will all hair colours and tones sounds like an absolute dream. 

beauty blogger reviews billion dollar brows universal brow pencil

When applying it of course I was pretty skeptical. But the easy application and smooth formula put my mind at ease straight away. I applied the pencil in short slight strokes so that it blended in with my natural eyebrows. I have to say the colour was pretty much a perfect match for my natural hair colour which I was very impressed with. The application itself at first looked slightly blocky due to my imperfect application, however that's what a spooly brush is for!

beauty blogger reviews billion dollar brows universal brow pencil

I think that all eyebrow pencils should have a spooly brush! It honestly makes your brows look 100 times better. So after applying the product I just took the spooly brush on the opposite end of the pencil and brushed my eyebrows outwards and upwards to thicken them up and spread the product more evenly. I then tidied up the crazy ends by patting them down with the spooly. 

I have to say that overall I think the universal brow pencil would make an amazing everyday eyebrow product as it leaves your brows looking fuller but not in any way less natural. I absolutely love the idea of the formula adapting to your hair colour too, making it perfect for pretty much everyone.   

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