First Impressions: Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner*

Put your hand up if you love first impressions posts!

*Raises hand*. First impressions has always been a regular feature on my blog so when I got the opportunity to try out Marc Jacobs Beauty's Highliner I couldn't wait to start writing. If you knew me about six years ago then you would know that I was absolutly obsessed with eyeliner - particularly brightly coloured ones. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw the swatches of these liners!

beauty blogger marc jacobs beauty highliner review

Firstly, let's talk about this packaging. Marc Jacobs never disappoints when it comes to presentation. That's why I'm not too surprised by the chic black packaging and luxury looking silver liner casing. I think they are modern looking but still timelessly elegant. Perfect to display on your dressing table. They feel nice to hold and are a little heavier than expected - a sign that it's a good quality product. 


I got to try out two Highliners - one called "wave length" which is this gorgeous midnight blue colour, and the other called "lollipop" which is a pretty barbie pink shade. To be honest, initially I wasn't too crazy about the pink one, mainly because I thought how am I even going to wear this? However after a quick search in the amazing blogosphere I came across some gorgeous looks using lollipop. Some people had blended it in to light browns and minky tones creating a soft doe-eyed looks whereas others had gone all out, taking the 80s as their inspiration and creating bold geometric works of art. I can't wait to show you some looks with this highliner (coming soon!). For me, wave length seems more wearable.. I could picture myself swooping a pop of blue along my lower lash line to compliment an otherwise more muted look or blending it in with my signature dark smokey eye.


The formula of the Highliner is so creamy and luxurious - it applies like a dream. The vibrancy of the colours is already evident from just one stroke of the pencil, with almost completely smudge proof staying power. Honestly, even if I rubbed my eyes quite viciously the liner would barely budge. However this does mean that it is slightly harder to take off. Even with my favourite micellar water in tow the Highliner was still stubborn, but with a bit of persistent (two tries with the micellar water) it finally came off. 


*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes