Going On A Skincare Journey With Ioma Paris*

Hello there,

If you know me then you know that I am crazy about skincare. Wherever I go I can guarantee that I'll have some sort of serum or moisturiser in my bag and whenever I go away on holiday my loved ones echo "all of that is for your skin?!". Why yes, yes it is. I am a self-proclaimed skincare junkie which comes with it perks and of course downfalls. That's why when I was offered to visit the Ioma Paris counter in Harrods for a skin diagnosis I couldn't resist.

I first met the lovely Ioma Paris team at the Blogger's Hangout BLFW event and I was instantly intrigued by their skincare range. I loved the fact that you could completely tailor it to your skin and its needs as well as have an action plan to help you undertake your new skincare regime. They even have an app where you can record how your skin feels during your new regime and then the app changes and adapts your regime even further to suit your ever changing skin. My thoughts? Finally a skincare range where there is no thinking done on my part, I can just carry on with my routine without second guessing.

When I arrived at the Ioma Paris counter I was met by the lovely Victoria who was going to talk me through the range as well as do my diagnosis. I was excited to get started and talk about all things skincare.

When you first get your diagnosis done you're asked a few questions about your current skincare routine and what sort of skin you think you have. I explained that I have quite sensitive and dry skin and that I cleanse every day as well as exfoliate every other day. Whilst, I thought this would good and kept my skin clean, Victoria actually told me that exfoliating this much can actually damage your skin. Say what?! I know- I had no idea. I was just following the instructions that came with my old products.

I also explained my dark circles (which come with being so pale and having sensitive skin). I am not one for applying eye cream religiously (guilty!) but Victoria advised me to start doing so to protect my sensitive skin from ageing when I get older. It was nice to talk to someone who believes so passionately about taking good care of your skin and gives such informative advice.

The first step in the skin diagnosis was the check how hydrated my skin was. My skin was measured with Ioma's very own technology which can give you a full skin diagnosis in as little as three minuets. To my surprise my dry skin wasn't too bad. However, there is always room for improvement. Making sure that your skin is fully hydrated can eventually make your skin clearer, softer and protected from ageing prematurely.

Next my skin was scanned to analyse what sort of condition it was in, in terms of oiliness, ageing, sun damage and under eye circles. Yes, Ioma technology can tell you all of that! Although my readings were pretty average for someone of my age my skin is very thin so can be more vulnerable to damage. In addition to this I had been exfoliating too much which had left my skin too open and more prone damage such as sun burn and pollution damage. My skin had been creating pools of oil in my pores to protect itself resulting in quite a high oiliness score. This shocked me as I had such dry skin. It goes to show that you don't actually know your skin as well as you think you do.

After my scan was complete I was given a "shopping list" of which products would work best for me based on my diagnosis. As you can see all of the products have a different number on them. Each number represents which Ioma line the product is from as each line has it's own specific skin problem it solves. For instance, I have two products from the number four range which focuses on calming the skin and combating redness. However the beauty of Ioma is that you can mix and match all of the lines to suit your skin. Additionally you can always change and adapt your skincare regime as your skin changes. So if you feel that your skin is very problematic or has various different needs you don't have to worry about fitting into just one line. There is something for everyone.

I was very lucky and am very grateful to have been gifted quite a few samples and their new Lip Lift product (which I am really loving by the way) so stay tuned for an update of how I got on with my Ioma skincare products, coming very soon.

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