ImPRESS Stick-On Nails Review*

What girl doesn't love pretty looking nails?

I know I sure do. You may remember a few months ago when I went to the KISS X Jess Wright party. Well, while I was there I was very lucky to be gifted with a huge goodie bag full of some gorgeous false lashes and stunning false nails. So, with party season coming up I thought I'd try a pair of sparkle ones and let you know how I got on with them. 

While going through my goodies I came across this stunning set of imPRESS nails. What really drew me to them was the deep matte blue colour. They're a little bit vampy and remind me of my favourite nail varnish from way back when. I also really love the gold glittery accent nails that you have the option of adding. I think they really give your nails a bit of interest without being too over the top. But if vampy blue and gold sparkles aren't your thing then imPRESS have a huge range of colours to choose from. 

beauty blogger ImPRESS Stick-On Nails Review

The best thing about the imPRESS nails is that they're so easy to put on! It literally only took me about five minutes to give myself a full on manicure! You heard me right, five minutes! All you have to do is match the right sized false nail to your real nail, peel of the tab on the back and press them on. It's really that simple. Finally us low maintenance girls  a cute manicure without the long winded application. 

beauty blogger ImPRESS Stick-On Nails Review

As for post-application they are really durable and don't get in the way of doing daily tasks like most false nails. These ones are pretty short too so I don't feel like they're going to ping off either. I'd definitely recommend these to those girls who hate having long false nails like me. Overall I think these nails are perfect for a quick manicure and I could definitely rock them this party season!

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