Ioma Lip Lift Review*

Hello there,

Do you all remember the ridiculous Kylie Jenner challenge? Yup. That happened. The things people do to get that desirable , voluptuous, killer pout. But what if I could tell you that you could get considerably fuller lips without stuffing your mouth into a shot glass and potentially rupturing your capillaries? 

Que my new favourite lip product the Ioma Paris Lip Lift. If you haven't heard of Ioma you need to hop over to my skincare journey post right now. 

I have always had thin lips and I'm okay with that. They are a defining characteristic of my face and I probably would never alter them permanently. But for some make-up looks I always envisage that having fuller lips will just really pull my look together. However, my problem is that some products or the less preferred method of over lining leaves my lips looking incredibly unnatural. That's where the Lip Lift comes in. 

ioma lip lift review beauty blogger

As you can see the Lip Lift comes in the perfect packaging. Small enough to fit in you handbag when you want that instant pout on the go. 

ioma lip lift review beauty blogger

The applicator makes the product really easy to apply. All you do is push down on the pump and product comes out of the rounded tip. What I normally do is dispense one pump of the product onto my fingers and then apply it from there. I simply just rub the product gently into my lips and the surrounding area.

Suprisingly the texture of the Lip Lift is not sticky at all like most lip plumping products. It's smooth, smells slightly of peppermint and feels just like my favourite moisturiser. Another surprising thing about the Lip Lift is that it doesn't leave your lips with a burning or tingling sensation, like I have experienced with other products. It honestly just feels like applying moisturiser. Be careful not to get it in your mouth though...

I know what you're all thinking now though- Poppy! Does it actually work? Well, I have included some before and after shots of my lips throughout this whole process so you can make up your own mind. Here are my lips before...

ioma lip lift review before

And here are my lips after one application...

ioma lip lift review after

I don't know about you but I can see  considerable difference. Whilst my lips are alot fuller I also think that they are more defined. The Lip Lift is not only a good way to plump your lips but also a good way to define and contour them too. 

I have another little bonus tip for you too! What I like to do when I am applying lipstick is to put the Lip Lift product on before hand. I let it dry for a couple of minuets and then I outline my lips and fill in with lipstick. This stops the lipstick and liner from bleeding out (a frequent problem I have had before). It also makes you lips look fuller whilst still looking natural.  

Guys, I think I am finally in love with a lip plumper!

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