Look Fantastic June Unboxing

I've been getting the Look Fantastic box for a while now...

However it's safe to say that I am not always that great putting up a post about every single one I receive. In fact the last one I did anything about was in February over on my YouTube channel. However this month I decided that I'd get on with it and do a whole post about the June box for you all. 

For those of you who do not know Look Fantastic, an online makeup store, do a beauty subscription box which they will send out to you every month for £13 a month. It's also worth noting that inside the boxes you can expect to receive products that are worth over £50 collectively per box. 

look fantastic unboxing beauty blogger review

As you can see from above the June box packaging was absolutly gorgeous! It is always gorgeous however this month it particularly took my breath away. Pink is my favourite colour and we all can't resist a bit of galaxy print every now and again. So combine these two things and you've got me.

As always the box came with this month's Elle magazine which will, no doubt, linger on my coffee table for far too long and then make it's way to my recycling bin. To cut a long story short I used to love Elle until they filled 70% of their magazine with ads and change their art direction to look exactly like Vogue. But that's a rant for another time. 

The box also contained Look Fantastic's box description booklet which comes with every box. The theme of June's box is wanderlust. So with my heart expecting fake tan and bronzer I toss aside the booklet without reading it all and dive straight into the goodies within. 

look fantastic unboxing beauty blogger review

This month I received six products; Bella Pierre Cosmetics shimmer highlighter; MONU Rosewood reviving mist; First Aid Beauty facial radiance pads; Balance Me balancing face moisturiser; Kerastase strengthening shampoo; and Hailey Baldwin Models Co lip lacquer.

Now, I was more than happy to receive all of these products expect for the Balance Me moisturiser which if you watched my vlog where I got a horrible reaction you'll probably know why.

look fantastic unboxing beauty blogger review

The first product I had a look at was the First Aid Beauty facial radiance pads. If you know me then you know I am an absolute skincare fiend. From what I gather from this product you use each individual pad to exfoliate, tone and brighten your skin. I'm planning to add these into my skincare routine at night after I've cleansed. I'll be sure to update you with my results. 

The next product in the box I picked up was the Bella Pierre Cosmetics shimmer highlighter. At first I actually thought this was an eyeshadow as it is more silver and metallic than the usual highlighters I opt for. Nonetheless I will be sure to give this a try because what girl doesn't love a bit of extra sparkle?

look fantastic unboxing beauty blogger review

As I said earlier I don't really have the time of day for the Balance Me brand as my skin seems to hate it so I'll just leave it at that. 

But on a more postive note I adore the colour of the Hailey Baldwin Models Co lip lacquer. I think it is super simple but chic - a nude I could wear all year round. However this summer I think I'm planning on wearing it with sunkissed skin, bronzer as contour and  a shimmering highlight. I think it'll be a great everyday summer look (stay tuned!). 

look fantastic beauty box unboxing beauty blogger review

As for the MONU Rosewood reviving mist - I'm pretty sure I've heard it's name being thrown around in the blogging community so I was intrigued to investigate this product a little more. However I must say, that I am becoming rather bored with "reviving" mists on the whole, I don't really see the point when you can just top on with your primer all day anyway. I'll probably still give this a go a few times though - FOMO anyone? Also, on the bottle is says that the product is for all skin types so hopefully it won't set off my super sensitive skin. 

The final product inside the June box was the Kerastase strengthening shampoo. As someone who was not blessed with thick strong locks I know for a fact that I will definitely be trying this out. Obviously I haven't just yet but I must say that I have smelt it and it does smell lovely! 

Which was your favourite product in the Look Fantastic wanderlust box? Let me know in the comments below or tell me which beauty subscription boxes you've been loving lately.

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