Moving On...

You've probably noticed I've been a little absent lately...

Again! I know. This year has been a roller coaster of change and learning for me and although I haven't been writing on my blog as much, I have been having so many other amazing experiences. That's why I thought I would share it with you - my wonderful readers because I actually really do enjoy sharing some of my life with you and I want to do it more. 

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The biggest change is...

I have moved! Again... but this time Elliott and I actually own the place! After months and months of searching, we finally found a place that we knew we could call home. I am thinking of doing a whole blog series on buying a home as a first time buyer - so let me know in the comments below if you'd be interested in that. 

Anyway, on to the juicy details - we bought our two bedroom 1950's bungalow officially in May. But we started the process all the way back in January! So after more than three months of waiting we finally moved in and at first it was pretty overwhelming. The whole process was very stressful - however we also both felt enormously happy to have found our first home together that we can make our own. 

One of the things I love most about my home is that it is no longer in the middle of a built up urban area. Although I loved living in London, sometimes I wondered if life would be more relaxing if I lived somewhere in the suburbs. And now I do. Technically the county I live in is Surrey, however it only takes about 30 - 45 minuets on the train to get to central London so I don't feel too far away. But I do feel like we live more in the countryside now. For instance, At the back of our house there is actually a beautiful lake surrounded by wildlife. It's a wonderful place to have a walk, zone out and feel close to nature. As both Elliott and I are outdoor types this made us fall in love with our little home even more. While we're on the subject of the outdoors we have a garden now! Before when we lived in our flat I felt like it was hard to escape city life and it was even harder to get some fresh air. But now all I have to do is step out of our double French doors (had to get that feature in, obviously!) and into the little oasis that is our garden. Once we're a bit more settled I cannot wait to fill it with some plant life and become a proper plant mum!  

As you can imagine we're spending most of our free time decorating the house, tending to the garden and putting together furniture. However once it's all done I can't wait to show you some interior shots of how we've re-decorated our home and put our own stamp on the place!