First Impressions: Kat Von D Best Of Nudes Lipstick Set

I am a big believer in trying out new beauty products, especially make-up. That’s why I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write about my new Kat Von D lipstick set that I received as a gift from my parents for Christmas. Shockingly, I have never owned any Kat Von D beauty products before, so needless to say I was intrigued to find out how they could change up my day-to-day make-up looks.

I have to admit, although the collection is complete with a variety of nudes, they are anything but subtle. Usually when I wear a nude lipstick I find it boring - it makes me feel as if I am extremely forgettable, not to mention I don’t particularly feel very “me”. So I was pleasantly surprised that when I swiped some of these lipsticks on, I didn’t feel like a shrinking violet at all but instead more like a bad ass boss about to put the world to rights with my new make-up.


The selection of “nude” shades in this collection are not the typical tones you’d expect when you see nude lipsticks. Instead they’re much more exciting and are geared towards the more adventurous when it comes to lip colour. There are a total of six different nudes to choose from: Crucifix, Sanctuary, Hawkwind, Ophelia, Bow n Arrow and Pilaf. I adore the brown and purple undertones of Sanctuary and Hawkwind, so much so that they have both become staples in my evening out looks. Whilst the lighter tones of Ophelia and Bow n Arrow have made their way into my daytime make-up routine.


The best thing about this set is how versatile the shades are. As I’ve said, some of the colours have made their way into a few of my staple make-up looks. However, it’s not just their versatility I love, it’s how much they can actually change one of your favourite looks and make it completely different. This is especially useful if you want to go from your everyday office look to an evening one in just a few seconds.


In terms of application, each lipstick goes on smoothly and can even last a full day without the security of lip liner - perfect for those of us who prefer to get ready in a small amount of time. When applied to the lips only a few strokes are needed to get the full pigment of the colour, even with the lighter, more subtle shades. All of the lipsticks smell wonderful too, to me, they smell like chocolate!

I am happy to say that this mini lipstick collection has definitely changed my make-up game. Instead of letting my eyes do all the talking, I am now more excited to make my lips the main attraction. Also, I forgot to mention that all of Kat Von D’s make-up is cruelty free and this particularly set is also suitable for vegans so you don’t have to worry about hurting our little furry friends when purchasing!