Nur Besten Lipstick Haul and Review*

I'm really into lipstick at the moment. 

That's why when Nur Besten offered to send me a few bits, I thought it would be a great opportunity to try some of their new lipsticks. If you don't know about Nur Besten I suggest you check out my first collaboration post I did with them a little while ago where I did a rather large beauty haul. 

Anyway, back to the lipsticks. Lately, I've been loving matte lipsticks so I thought I would pick myself up four. These lipsticks are all by a brand called QiBest, which I had never heard of before, but after doing a little research I have found that they're a Chinese cosmetics company who seem to do a very popular fiber lash mascara. So, after reading a few reviews, I thought I'd give their lipsticks a try. 

beauty blogger reviews nur besten matte lipsticks

I must admit that I was quite surprised to see that the packaging was of pretty good quality considering the prices of the products were on the cheaper side. The lipsticks I chose were all labelled as long lasting water proof liquid lipsticks by QiBest. 

beauty blogger reviews nur besten matte lipsticks

So the fours shades I got were a violet (612), red (606), mauve (607) and nude (602). When I saw them on the website I was most excited about the violet shade however once I received them I instantly fell in love with the mauve and nude shades. 

As you can see when swatched the lipsticks all seem a little different from each other in consistency. I found the violet shade was rather fluid in comparison to the others, so when I put it on my lips I found that I had to put on at least two coats to get a good coverage. The red and nude shades have a slightly thicker formula than the violet shade however are still a little bit sheer for me. The one that completely knocked it out of the park for me was the mauve. After just one coat I have complete full coverage.  

beauty blogger reviews nur besten matte lipsticks

Although, they don't all have the same consistency in formula, there is one thing I would say that they do all have in common; staying power. Honestly, the staying power of these lipsticks is crazy! They easily last a twelve hour day with eating and drinking. You don't even have to top up. One tip I would give you if you purchase these lipsticks though is that you remove them with a oil based make-up remover. Just because they are waterproof lipsticks and regular make-up remover just doesn't seem to cut it.

If you'd like to purchase these lipsticks or anything else from the Nur Besten website you can use my code "PMD10" at the checkout to get 10% off!     

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