OOTD: British Beaching

What would the summer be without a beach inspired OOTD?

That's why when I went down to the beach to celebrate the bank holiday weekend I couldn't resist asking Elliott to take a few snaps of my outfit for me. Please bear with the brief shots in this post - these were taken a bit later on in the day and my phone was nearly depleted of battery and we were having too much fun to stop and do a whole entire photoshoot. 

fashion blogger beach ootd

This outfit was perfectly relaxed, light enough for the beach but didn't expose me to the inevitable coastal winds and burning sun. The colour palette was simple and the slogan tee added a little bit of sass. The cropped tee actually used to be a sweater, that is until I decided to DIY it with a pair of kitchen scissors. I think it works surprisingly well especially when paired with some everyday low slung dungarees. 

I decided to accessorise my look with some classic cat-eye sunglasses, a dainty pink choker to match my top and of course for most of the day I decided to go bare foot. After all, who wears shoes on the beach? Especially if it's such a beautiful day. I don't know about you but I love feeling the sand between my toes and paddling in the ocean as I walk along the beach. These dungarees are actually perfect for this because you can just roll them up to your knees and you're ready to go. 

fashion blogger beach ootd

Accessorise sunglasses

Coconut lane choker

Shein lame sweater (DIY)

Pac sun dungarees

Poppy Mayy (1).png