Packing Tips That Will Prepare You For A Winter Hiking Trip**

If you are going on a walking trip or even hiking, then you will understand how the weather can turn sometimes. You may feel as though the weather is perfect one minute, and then horrible the next. If you want to get the most out of your trip while also making sure that you are comfortable at all times, then preparation is key.

packing tips for winter hiking

Base Layer

Camisoles and tank tops are ideal here. They can be worn under just about anything and they give you an additional layer of warmth. They also take up very little weight and space. You can wear them if the weather gets warm and if you prefer to sleep in clothes, they are ideal for that as well. If you prefer not to wear tank tops then you can easily choose to pack a thin, long-sleeved shirt instead. You should always try and choose one that is made of merino wool if possible. These tops tend to be the best at keeping your core warm and they are also ideal when you are going out on long hikes.

Presentation Layer

Presentation layers tend to be what other people can see. You can choose anything here, from a thin sweatshirt to a cardigan or even a tunic. The only thing that you have to do is make sure that it can be layered. If your presentation layer is too thick then you may not be able to wear a jacket on top, and this is what will really seal in the warmth.

packing tips for winter hiking

Jacket Layer

If you are travelling to somewhere that is blistering cold, then there is a high chance that this won’t be your final layer. If possible, try and opt for a denim jacket. Zip-fleeces are also ideal because they are thin enough to accommodate another layer on top of that. If you are travelling to an area that is super cold, then you may want to invest in an insulated jacket. This will help you to protect yourself against the wind and it will also help to keep you warm if the weather does decide to take a turn for the worst. If you do choose to add another layer on top of this then you have to make sure that it is waterproof. A light coat or jacket is ideal here because you already have a lot of layers to keep you warm. The final layer is just to repel water and sleet, not to mention that it acts as another barrier against the wind.

Bottom Layers

When it comes to trousers/pants, you should always avoid jeans. Jeans are not good at all for hiking and they are very restrictive as well. Instead, start out with a pair of leggings. You can wear them underneath your pants, and they also act as another windproof barrier. When choosing your leggings, try and make sure that you opt for thermals. These will trap body heat, and they can make a ton of difference to your comfort level. As for your top layer, try and choose some loose-fitting cargo pants. They are lightweight, have plenty of pockets and they give you complete freedom of movement. If rain concerns you, add a waterproof layer on top of that.

packing tips for winter hiking


If you’re visiting somewhere like Scotland, then you may want to opt for some insulated footwear. The Scottish Highlands can get cold even in hot weather because of the altitude, but the views are well worth the trip. Visit to find out more. Whatever shoes you do bring, you do have to make sure that they can keep water out. Sometimes it may rain or snow when you are out and on the go, and the last thing that you need is to have wet socks for the entire trip. If you are having trouble choosing your socks, then wool is the way to go. They can take up a lot of room in your suitcase, but you will be really glad you packed them.

Hats and Scarves

Even if you have layered everything properly, your face and your hands can still get cold. Packing a good hat and scarf won’t take up too much space but it can help you to feel a bit more comfortable when on your walk or hike. If you want to use your phone when wearing gloves then opt for ones that have fingertip grips. This will stop you from having to take off your gloves every time you want to make a call and it will also make taking photos way easier.