Popcorn and Prosecco Mean Girls Screening*

My weekend was so fetch...

Because I was invited a a pop-up cinema Mean Girls screening hosted by Popcorn and Prosecco at the PRZYM nightclub in Watford, which is on the outskirts of North West London. When I first received the invite invite I was super excited because let's face it, what twenty-something female doesn't love Mean Girls?

blogger event mean girls screening cinema

Upon arrival we were greeted by the biggest beach chair I had ever seen! Of course I had a go jumping up and sitting in it - however in a dress this is certainly not very lady like so I'm afraid there are no photos. I must admit the venue, PRYZYM, was positively massive. Whilst I was being taken around by their lovely sales rep I found out that the club has six dance rooms! 

And of course the paparazzi were there, just in case Regina George showed up - because you know her hair is insured for $10,000, she does car commercials in Japan and she has two Fendi purses. I thought the lead up to the venue was really great with the beach chair, paparazzi and red carpet - it made me feel like a true celebrity. However I must say that my photography in this post isn't too great in this post as the lighting was so dark - but I'm just going to pass most of it off on Instagram as "artsy".  

blogger event mean girls screening cinema

Speaking of artsy how about this avant garde shot? The interior design of the club - particular in this room reminded me a lot of a cabaret or burlesque venue. The lights had a red tinge to them and the whole room was upholstered in red velvet and elaborate vintage inspired wallpaper which was the perfect backdrop for showcasing my first glass of prosecco.  

blogger event mean girls screening cinema

Before entering the screening, I had to treat myself to a glass of prosecco. But if you're a little peckish Popcorn and Prosecco have a range on snacks ready to order. You can choose from classic cinema snacks like popcorn and nachos but they also so hot food too like pizza and hotdogs. Did I mention it's all reasonable priced too. All of the food is under £5!

Finally it was time to actually watch the film and what can I say... It was fetch AF! Stay tuned on my Youtube channel for a full vlog coming soon!

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