Switching Up Your Style And Self-Care For Summer 2019**

Each year, it’s fun to switch up our styles. Of course, you might have more fundamental wardrobe staples that seem to last for years, and that can help build a theme your outfits. But switching up your style for the rapid arrival of summer this year can help you give each year a novel flair, something to help remember the period by. This also helps you feel more comfortable and confident in your skin, as once again you gain another year to express your most colourful and summer care-free self.

Switching up your style for summer 2019 isn’t too hard a task to take care of. But it does require a little forward planning. Luckily we have the whole spring season to do so, and the following advice in a lovingly crafted set of tips below:

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Try New Accessories

We all know that accessories can help bind an outfit together, but how often do we take this to a logical end point? Trying new accessories doesn’t only help your outfit shine, but they also help you experiment with new styles. To accessorise you might head to piercing mania to decide on a new ear piercing, get that tattoo you’ve wanted for a while, finally taking the jump and treat yourself to that watch you’ve been lusting after, or repair that piece of jewellery your mother handed down to you. New or new-to-you accessories can help you feel your best self, but only if you experiment and see what works for you.

Your Own Efforts

We often feel that wearing handmade clothing can be quite a silly thing to do, or best reserved for the wonderful Christmas jumpers your auntie knits you every winter. But crafting your own clothes needn’t be that hard. It could be that repairing your clothes is where you start or ripping holes in your faded jeans to help them look trendy, or even perhaps deciding to weather condition certain items to help them look better than before. Before you know it you’ll be sewing dungarees together using funky curtain material, or giving your clutch bags an added aesthetic. This homemade feel is coming back into fashion, and is best felt in the small daily efforts you embody.

Self-Care Routines

Your self-care routines might be a better thing to implement in order to switch up the fundamentals of your style, compared to a simple purchase. For example, making an effort to truly nail your skincare before the summer is here can help you avoid the heat rashes you might have experienced in 2018, or choosing healthy sunbathing times could help veer you away from the sunbeds that you should avoid. A little morning routine such as a swim or jog could also help you keep active and mentally interested during the morning, which can help through and through.

With these tips, you’re sure to switch up your style effectively in 2019.