The Hyalual Institute Press Day*

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Recently I was lucky enough to be invited to the Hyalual Institute press day. For those of you who haven't heard of Hyalual, it is a brand originating from Switzerland who are experts in preserving and improving your skin.

The reason why I am not describing Hyalual as a "skincare" brand is because their products are not just any old skincare products. All of their products are medical and/or scientific solutions. 

hyalual institute press day beauty blogger

The main attraction at the press day was Xela Rederm. An innovative procedure that works a little bit like fillers. However, the Xela Rederm achieves much more natural results. I myself, haven't had the procedure done however I spoke to two lovely ladies who did (one was getting hers done on the day!). They assured, and I saw for myself, that the effectiveness is more than noticeable however not risking your natural beauty. 

So what does Xela Rederm do? Well, here are a list of the effects you can expect after a full cycle of treatment; younger and healthier skin; improved complexion; improved skin texture; a decrease in wrinkle depth and length; removal of pigmentation; and finally a lifting effect. As you can see this treatment isn't just for anti-ageing purposes.   

The reason why Xela Rederm works so well is because it contains hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is actually composed partly of sugars and is natural structural component of the skin. It helps retain moisture in the skin, which as most of us know is the secret to maintaining younger looking skin.   

hyalual institute press day beauty blogger

I was even lucky enough to watch a treatment using Xela Rederm. The lovely Nicole Faraday was the patient and allowed us all to watch her receive her treatment. For those of you who are squeamish please skip ahead because I am now going to talk about how the procedure worked. 

First of all Nicole's skin was numbed with a numbing cream. This was left on for quite some time so that the full effect would be felt. Then Xela Rederm was injected into her skin in a dotting fashion. (I will upload a full video on my YouTube channel at the end of the month so you can all see exactly how this was done). Once all of the product had been injected, Nicole's skin was sprayed with some post procedure spray and then covered with a cooling and hydrating WOW mask. 

Although the after effects were quite obvious, in the form of small red lumps where Xela Rederm was injected, Nicole was assured that they would go down by the following morning. A member of the Hyalual team explained to me that when she had her treatment done, she went out to dinner that night and it wasn't too noticeable. 

hyalual institute press day beauty blogger

After the demonstration was over I had the opportunity to look at some other Hyalual products. I was very interested to find out that they had a sun protection range called "Safe Sun". As a very pale lady I understand the need for a high quality sun cream and to my joy factor 50 was available. Another handy product for keeping that summer sun at bay is the Daily Deluxe spray. It uses a formula that not only perserves the natural moisture of your skin but it also provides a deep cleanse, removes toxins, enriches skin cells with more oxygen an protects the skin from harsh or aggressive environments. I was lucky enough to be gifted with some of the Daily Deluxe spray, so stay tuned for a review coming soon!

If you want to find out more about the Hyalual Institute or the Xela Rederm treatment please visit their official website

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