Warming Up Winter With White To Brown Self-Tan*

This winter is proving to be a cold one!

So when I was invited to try out White To Brown's self-tanner to sprinkle a little bit of summer into my life I couldn't resist. I'm no stranger to fake tan, having been a loyal tanner to St.Tropez for a few summers. However with my old favourite coming in at almost £30 a bottle, I couldn't turn down trying out White to Brown's much more modest £15 alternative. 

White to Brown were generous enough to send me a little goodie bag full of tanning treats (if you want to see my full un-boxing head over to my YouTube channel!). However, this post is going to be all about their self-tanning lotion. It comes in a 250ml bottle with a snap open top. 

beauty blogger reviews white to brown self tan lotion

Before we get into this review I'd just like to give you all a little background on my skin. I am super pale and I can never get a tan naturally. I just burn, peel and then become pale again. I have actually grown to love my pale skin, however I like to have a little bit of colour every now and again, especially if I have an event or special occasion to go to where I am showing off my arms or legs.  I am absolutely not for sunbeds so fake tan is the only way to go for me. To give you a better idea of my skin I'm going to insert a little photo here of my legs in their full pale and pasty glory! 

beauty blogger reviews white to brown self tan lotion

Now that's out of the way let's get on with tanning! Before applying the tan I did as instructed on the bottle and exfoliated my skin with an all over body exfoliating scrub. This is so that your skin doesn't have dead skill that the tan can cling on to and make you look patchy. It's also a good idea to moisturise too so that there are no dry patches either.

Once that was all I done I popped on some rubber gloves and applied the tan all over my skin, as evenly as I could (although I am seriously no expert!). I love the smell of this product! It smells subtly of coconut and I got compliments on how my skin smelt from my family and Elliott which is a huge plus! However, one thing I would say about this product when you're applying it is to put the product onto your gloves and then rub it in, just because the way the bottle top works, it's a little awkward to apply it directly onto your skin.

The formula of this tan is really great. It wasn't sticky or stained any of my clothes that I was wearing when I was waiting for it to develop, which is 6-8 hours. I just slept on it and washed it all off in the morning. Needless to say, I was pretty happy with the results.

beauty blogger reviews white to brown self tan lotion

I never want a really dark tan, just because I am naturally so pale. So the above shade is literally perfect for me. It looks natural and nowhere near that dreaded and feared orange shade. However, if you do like your tan darker you can always try out White to Brown's darker tanning lotion.

The tan has actually left my skin feeling pretty smooth and hydrated unlike some other tanners. Also, as I said above I love the smell! Overall, I would say I would definitely recommend this tan to other pale ladies like me. I'd also say if you're not a very experienced tanner this product would be great for you too because it's really easy to use.

What do you think about tanning in Winter? Personally I love it and it actually gives me a little boost of confidence and cheers me up from those dark dreary Winter days. 

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