We Heart Mondays Launch Event*

I've been trying to get my blogging mojo back...

So when I was invited to the We Heart Mondays launch event - I thought it would be the perfect place to feel inspired again. And I have to say it didn't disappoint. For those of you who don't know We Heart Mondays is a collective of influential women who decided to set up both virtual and physical spaces for creative women to get together and network, learn, inspire and more.

It's a pretty cool idea, right? While I was there I was lucky enough to meet a bunch of influential women who were bloggers, journalists, entrepreneurs and business owners. It was great chatting with all of them and learning about all of their different journeys. As well as meeting some lovely people I also had the opportunity to meet some brands too. A few I had met at events before, there were also some that I had never heard of before. 

blogger event we heart mondays launch

The first brand I met was called Perkier who basically make snack bars. However these aren't just any ordinary sugar filled treat - these are actually quite good for you and did I mention 100% vegan? Whilst, I myself am not "fully" vegan, I do stick to a vegan, plant-based diet 80% of the time. What I like most about Perkier is that all of their snacks are made from whole foods with no nasty chemicals or additives. These bars are made from an array of tasty, healthy ingredients such as quinoa, cashews, chia seeds, cacao, buckwheat and coconuts. What I like most about Perkier is that all of their snacks are made from whole foods with no nasty chemicals or additives.  

blogger event we heart mondays launch

After sampling some very yummy Perkier bars (cacao is my favourite!), I strolled over to have a chat with the lovely brand Biotiful Dairy. I have actually met this brand a few times at a handful of events before, most memorably at the Bloggers Hangout. You can probably tell by the name that these Biotiful Dairy Kefir drinks are not vegan, however in small quantities I am sure they could make up a small portion of my diet. Kefir is basically a cultured milk based drink full of protein, calcium and essential vitamins. It also contains handfuls of gut friendly bacteria which are rich in antioxidants and antibodies, keeping you fit and healthy.  

blogger event we heart mondays launch

Onwards I went to hunt out some more sweet treats - this time I was on the look out for a vegan brownie a fellow blogger was raving about. Then I stumbled upon what I had been hoping for the Tarte and Berry stand, where I was greeted by cakes galore and you guessed it the renowned vegan brownie. I somehow resisted the urge to stuff it in my face there and then, and instead opted for stashing it away for my train journey home. Spoiler alert - it is absolutly decadent and one of the best brownies I have ever had. 

blogger event we heart mondays launch

After over-indulging myself in sweets and treats I thought it was time to talk to a brand that didn't tempt me with cacao covered goodies or gooey brownies. So I headed over to the Pink Parcel stall. Again, I had already met this brand before at a few other events and am pretty familiar with their product - a subscription box that comes at the same time as your period. Personally, I think these boxes are a great idea. They are the perfect way to counter that fed up feeling you get when it gets to your time of the month. Most of the boxes contain sanitary products, something to pamper yourself with and a yummy treat or two. At an affordable £12.99 a month, it's a very small price to pay for something to look forward to when your period comes. 

I'd just to like say a big thank you to the We Heart Mondays team for inviting me and putting on such a wonderful event. Of course, there were many other brands that attended the event who are not mentioned in this post however I didn't quite have enough time on the night to visit them all and take any snaps. There never is enough time in the day! 

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