A Few Days In Stuttgart Germany

I know I've been a bit absent recently...

However I have good reason - I've been in Germany for the past two weeks. I'm not sure why but the older I get the more I fall in love with travelling and exploring the world. So when I had the opportunity to head off to Germany I couldn't pass it up. Germany is definitely a country that has always been on my bucket list mainly because of the architecture, food and landscape. 

For the first few days whilst I was in Germany I was staying in Stuttgart city centre. Stuttgart is the capital and largest city in the South West Baden-Wutternberg region of Germany. When I arrived in mid July the temperature was an enjoyable 25 degrees - slowly increasing up to 30 during my last few days.   


My first evening I spent wandering the streets of Stuggart and getting used to their u-bahn system (like our London underground). I was pleasently suprised that my all day travel card in Stuttgart was a mere six euros! A bargain when you compare it to London's thirteen pounds!

Whilst exploring one of the first things I found was Stuttgart's state park or as it's known in German "oberer schlossgarten". The park was pretty sizable with a beautiful lake and plenty of trees to relax under to get away from the summer sun. Walking through the park I had a magnificent view of the Die Staatstheater (the city's opera house) and the Neues Schloss (new castle).

After strolling around the park for a while I sauntered through the streets to look for some shops. There was a single street full of the best designer and high street stores just by the u-bahn station Schlossplatz which ran between the city centre's station and the curve of the main road. One thing I couldn't get over (but was excited about!) was how many bakeries there were! Probably about every fifth shop along the main street was a bakery full of cakes, pastries and ice cream.

After doing some window shopping I decided to hop back on the u-bahn and take a look at the very picturesque Johanneskirche church which, you wouldn't believe it from the photos, is actually in the city centre too. The church is surrounded by a glorious moat full of wildlife. I spotted several ducks, swans, fish and even a tortoise on my visit. The moat's bank is lined with plenty of benches for relaxing by the water's edge and admiring the beautiful views.

My second evening in Stuttgart I wanted to get a view of the whole entire city and caputure it's beauty with my camera. So I headed to Stuttgart rack railway - a tram that would take me up the steep hills to the very south of the city. I took the rack railway from Marienplatz and went all the way to the very end of the line shooting a few clips as I went. Whilst riding to the top I saw a station called Wielandshohe which seemed to provide the perfect location for some landscape photos. So on the way back down I got off and put my camera to work. 

After heading back down the hill I checked out a cultural festival that was happening in the city centre - there was wonderful live music, various different cuisine stalls and travelling traders selling wares from all over the world. I listened to a live Mexican band for a little while and then grabbed some delicious Columbian food on my way out. A short but sweet visit to satisfy my culture craving. 

When my few days in the city centre were up I waved goodbye to it's hustle and bustle and went to the Stuttgart suburb Esslingen. Whilst I didn't capture too many snaps of this beautiful traditional German town I enjoyed my stay here so very much. There were many cafes and resturants to choose from in the evening including a quaint Italian returant in the town square and a genuine biregarten which served classic German and Swabian dishes.

I hope you enjoyed my brief stay in Stuttgart and hearing about what I got up to in my few spare evenings I had there. However if you're spending longer in Stuttgart than I did, I definitely recommend you check out these other 25 things you can do there.  If you want to see more of my travel posts you can see my trip to India as well as my Easter weekend in Devon right here on my blog.