Full Faced Makeup Hacks For Lazy Girls With Seventeen*

Did you know that I'm a bit of a lazy girl?

Well I'd actually rather say "low-maintenance". Don't get me wrong I love to rock the full face makeup look but let's be honest I don't have three hours to put it all together. That's why I decided to team up with Seventeen and 11 other beauty bloggers to bring you a few of my favourite makeup hacks as a lazy girl.

For those of you who haven't heard of Seventeen (where have you been?!) it's a super affordable makeup brand stocking some of the best beauty products on the high street. So naturally when I was asked to take part in a beauty blogger relay with them I was so excited! I have literally just recieved the beauty baton from the beautiful Laura over at the Pink Paradise Beauty. So don't forget to read all the way to the end to find out all of my lazy girl makeup hacks and to click the link to the next lovely blogger in our gang who is going to share even more makeup tips with you!

lazy girl makeup hacks

First things first, every lazy girl knows that the less products the better. This is because when you're using half the amount of products for a full face than you usually would, you'll probably take half the amount of time. So I recommend getting your hands on a few products which you can use for multiple purposes.

For instance, above I have the Seventeen define and contour palette - great for contouring and highlighting but can also double up as eyeshadow or if you have dark hair like me, filler for your eyebrows! The same goes for the instant glow palette - a beautiful highlight but it could also add a little shimmer to your eyeshadow game too. 

lazy girl makeup hacks
lazy girl makeup hacks

Now we've got the low-down on how I create multi-purpose products for my lazy girl needs let's move on to actually applying the makeup. I always start off with a minimal base. As I said earlier, less products equals less time. 

You want to start by applying concealer in two upside down triangles (if you've seen my makeup tutorials then you'll know what I mean) then blend it out with your fingers using a dabbing and tapping motion. Once you've said bye-bye to those dark under eyes you want to grab the best full coverage foundation you've got - my choice of weapon for this is the Seventeen stay time foundation. I only need to apply one generous layer and I'm good to go on to the next step. 

Now it's my favourite part - conquering that contour and highlight in true lazy girl style. To do this just take the Seventeen eyeshadow brush (again doubling up purposes) and brush the dark shade from the contour palette in a number three shape along your chin, under yor cheekbones and up around your temples. 

As you can see from my extreme close up (sorry!) this creates a beautiful glow and would you look at that flawless finish! Thanks stay time foundation! To finish off my lazy girl base I just take the same brush again but this time taking all the shades from the instant glow highlighter palette and dab it along my cheekbones, over my cupids bow and down the bridge of my nose. 

Now that the base is done it's time to start on the eyes. But we're not spending hours perfecting that winged liner. We're going to do it the lazy girl way - which is by far the quickest way I know. Firstly just take the wet look laquer liner by Seventeen and smoothly draw a line just along your lash line - make sure you make the line as thin as possible and make sure it doesn't go over your crease. If it does this can transfer on to your upper lid later resulting in a not so chic grubby smudge. To complete the winged liner make one thin line from the outer corner of your eye and draw it up towards the end of your eyebrow and stop about half way. Then connect the end of that line back down to about a third along you upper lash line. Colour in the little triangle and there you have it - the perfect lazy girl liner.

lazy girl makeup hacks

Now I want to make my eyes bigger! To do this I'm just going to take the Seventeen long lash mascara and in a back and forth motion I am going to coat the bottom and top lashes. This may seem like a bit of a rough method but it gets the job done around ten times faster than gently brushing it through the lashes. I think it makes your eyelashes look a lot thicker too. This Seventeen mascara is really heavy duty so a little goes a long way. After just one coat my eyes look a lot bigger and brighter.

lazy girl makeup hacks

To add a little more full faced glamour without putting in a whole lot of effort I'm going to take the top most pink shade from the highlight palette I used earlier and dab this in the inner corners of my eyes with the angled eyeliner brush from Seventeen. This highlighter is suprisingly pigmented and is very sparkly once you layer it up. I suggest packing it on as much as your lazy girl tendancies can muster. Now to finish off this look I'm just going to take the same highlighter shade and brush it underneath the arch of my eyebrows.

And there you have it a full face of makeup that has only taken you about thirty minutes tops. The optimum makeup application time to leave you with even more time to do other lazy girl things like binge watching Netflix, eating Doritos or playing with your cat. Now make sure you head over the lovely Girl Vesus Makeup blog where you can find more Seventeen makeup tips! But before you leave let me know which was your favourite lazy girl makeup hack!

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