Conquering Curvy: The Bikini Edit

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Bikini season is finally here! Or at least it's meant to be, I don't think London got the memo about summer this year. Anyway, yes bikini season. Bikinis are literally my favourite item of clothing to buy which it kind of ironic because they used to be my least favourite. But let's go into that another time because this post is all about celebrating those curves and feeling amazing in your own skin. I'm going to take you through three of my must-have curvy-friendly bikinis that not only look great on but they make you feel amazing too!

1. The Modest One.

conquering curvy the bikini edit review swimwear lookbook
conquering curvy bikini edit review swimwear lookbook

I'm calling this particular bikini the modest one mainly because it is probably the most modest bikini you're going to get that's not a tankini or a one piece. If you don't think this is modest, you better leave now because this is the most covered up bikini I have. 

I got this super cute bikini last year from a brand called Floozie. Of course, all of Floozie's bikini tops come in bra sizes (trust me if they didn't I wouldn't be bothering!) and their bottoms are in regular women's UK sizes. The best part about their sizing? You can buy the top and bottoms separate. Hallelujah! This is a must for me because I normally require a much larger size on top than on my bottom, if you catch my drift. 

Let's start off with the design. Isn't this the most adorable vintage inspired bikini you have ever seen? I love the bright colours and bold prints despite fashion magazines telling me these sorts of colours don't "flatter" my body type. Did anyone tell Vogue that I can wear what I want? Also, if I can't wear bright bold colours when I wear a bikini then when can I? 

I never thought that high-waisted bikini bottoms would suit me. That is until I tried on this pair. The actually look really flattering on and skim over my hips in a way that doesn't make them look huge. The frills around the legs are a nice detail too as they elongate your legs. 

As for the top, it is really supportive- just what you need when you're hopping in and out of the pool. The underwire is sturdy enough to provide the right amount of lift and is flexible enough not to be uncomfortable. One more thing I shall say about this bikini top is that it gives your bust a rather big boost- keeping you in place all day long whether you're going to the water park or chilling by the pool.

2. The Regular One.

I'm calling this the regular one because this is pretty much the standard bikini. This is another one from Floozie however I got this one quite some time ago. I can't quite remember when I got it but one thing I am sure about is that it is still just as amazing now as when I bought it. 

The sizing has the same deal as the moderate one. You can buy the top and bottoms separate so you can get a better fit. The only down side I see with this though is that sometimes you can't always get your size. Also, what I forgot to mention above is that you can find Floozie on either their own website or the Debhenams website. Just another little note: I got all of mine in store at my local Debhenams. 

I really like the pattern on this bikini, it makes me feel feminine and a little bit cutesy. The frills are an added bonus and add a fun twist on this otherwise standard swimwear shape.

The bottoms are a regular bikini bottom fit. They come just a little under your belly button. When I wear mine though, I like to pull them up a little at the sides. This complements my larger hips more than just a straight hem going from one side to the other.

I find this top provides a lot less cleavage action than the above one, but it's a lot more comfortable for me. My girls aren't right under my chin but that's perfect for in the sea. I don't want to be constantly reminded of my chest every time I jump through a wave.

I would say that this is the comfiest bikini I own and it's my go-to whenever I'm not sure about which one to wear. I don't know where my holiday wardrobe would be without it. 

3. The Skimpy One.

I'm calling this the skimpy one because of the slightly revealing but super cute tie up bottoms. This bikini is from Boux Avenue which I adore for all types of lingerie and nightwear anyway so when an opportunity to get a bikini did arise I couldn't resist. This is my most recent purchase in this post and the first time I had ever bought any swimwear from Boux Avenue.

I love the classic red and white polka dot pattern and with the white tie around bottoms and top it really brings this classic pattern into the present. I believe this style is called the Americana and I can really see why. I must admit, even though I am not American it does make me feel like a patriot. 

Similarly to Floozie you can buy the top and bottoms separate. Again, this just gives us curvier girls a few more options and a whole load of convenience. The sizes at Boux Avenue come up slightly smaller than Floozie so I would suggest going a cup size up in your top. Another thing I will add about sizing is that Boux Avenue stocks a wider range of sizes so if you are larger than a G cup I suggest going with this bikni out of all the ones I've spoken about.

I love the bottoms because they are a little bit cheeky and I can't wait to bust these out on holiday. They show off my hips and make me feel really womanly and sexy. However, the cute pattern counteracts the slightly skimpier cut and makes me feel really girly too.

The top is quite similar in support to the modest bikini above. It really gives you a well needed (or not) boost and is made of sturdy stuff so you're not worrying about coming out. 

I think this bikini is going to be my new poolside fav this summer!

What one was your favourite? Comment down below and let me know what you thought of this post. Should I do another swimwear post about one pieces? Let me know

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