First Impressions: Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever Eyeshadow Palette

I haven't reviewed a makeup palette in such a long time! It's not because I don't love eyeshadow palettes - I adore them. It's actually because I get way too excited to try them out and often when I come to photograph them, I am perhaps already hitting pan...Ooops. But now that I know about my overuse of new eyeshadow palettes, I figured that I would photograph them as soon as I get them so then I can use them to my heart's content, then I would write about them after a few tried and tested months.  

I actually got this Makeup Revolution (mermaids forever) palette for my birthday, way back in Feburary, so I have been trialling this particular palette for a good four months almost. Like most Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes, this one has a lovely array of different shades which I have used over the last few months to create many different looks. 

beauty blogger reviews makeup revolution mermaids forever eyeshadow palette

What I like most about the shades in this particular palette is that all of them have a sort of subtle undertone - none of them are too in your face. This is great for everyday use, which is important to me when I have a large palette like this.  I particularly like the browns and greens which all have a slight shimmer finish - perfect for the evening or for a more glamourous look.  

beauty blogger reviews makeup revolution mermaids forever eyeshadow palette

The pigment of the shadows is pretty standard for a high street bought palette. The colours come through well if you know how to layer your shadows and fix them in place with a trusty finishing spray. However, don't expect them to last all day without a primer, or to look vibrant after one swipe across your lids. Once applied, they don't feel chalky and blend beautifully together - this is ideal for creating smokey eye looks. But I would recommend using a thicker brush when applying these shadows as when they are picked up with a fluffy brush the fallout is pretty bad. 

Whilst this palette is not of the highest quality, I wouldn't expect it to be either.  It's a great palette to cater for those of us who like to create very different looks on a daily basis. When combining these shadows with a decent primer, you can create some really eye-cathing and dramatic looks. So it's safe to say that this palette has made it's way into my go-tos for when I am not feeling any of my Urban Decay collections.