First Impressions: Rimmel London Brow Eyebrow Definer Pencil

Although I have a few makeup staples that I just can't seem to replace, there are a few essentials I like to switch up every now and again, especially when there is something new on the market. Enter the Rimmel London brow this way eyebrow definer pencil. I had seen this a few times in my local Boots, as well as online featured on a few blogger's Instagrams and YouTube channels. Obviously peer pressure set in and I had to try it out for myself.

beauty blogger reviews rimmel london brow this way eyebrow definer pencil

It's considerably smaller than any other eyebrow pencil that I currently own, however don't let it's size put you off. One end is the actual product - the "brow definer", and the other end is a trusty spooly brush. To be honest, I hadn't used a spooly brush as part of my eyebrow routine since university, so I was pretty excited to rekindle this lost love. The brow definer was really easy to apply and it was simple to go through my usual brow routine with it. After I applied the brow pencil in short sharp strokes, I brushed the product through with the brush. Surprisingly, this really helped spread the product through my brows and made them look full and natural. To finish them off, I just brushed some Pixi eyebrow gel over them to keep them in place.

beauty blogger reviews rimmel london brow this way eyebrow definer pencil

The end result was actually really natural looking and something I could definitely see myself incorporating into my typical makeup looks. In short, I would say that this a very capable high street brand brow pencil that can accomplish a simple, everyday brow in just a few strokes. Perfect for us girls who want our brows to be on fleek in just a few minuets.