The Essential Items For Travelling In Style On A Long-Haul Flight**

Travelling to your destination can be a stressful experience. This is especially the case if you’re flying long-haul and haven’t got all the essentials you need on the flight. With that in mind, here’s a useful guide to the best things to take with you, when you want to travel in style.

What you need to travel ‘first-class’, even if you’re flying economy…

Post-flight skincare. Aeroplanes aren’t great for skin-health. At best, they’ll make your skin feel dry, at worst, they can cause acne break-outs. Pack some small bottles of moisturiser, antibacterial hand-spray and spritzing toner. These will help you to feel fresh and clean while you’re flying – but remember, they must be in small bottles, otherwise you won’t be allowed to bring them on-board with you.

A travel pillow. If you’re on a long flight, you’ll be provided with a pillow and a basic blanket; but let’s face it, they’re usually not very comfortable. Invest in a high-quality inflatable pillow that wraps around the neck, as this will support your head while you catch up on your beauty sleep. You may also want to pack an eye-mask if you struggle to sleep with low-level lighting on.


A spritz of perfume. Scent is a great way to make yourself feel more awake and invigorated; just what you need when you’re flying for several hours! Choose a fragrance that’s fresh and fruity, with notes of bergamot, lime or lemon, or even peppermint or pepper. Remember though, the same rules apply with regards to bottle size. Copycat Fragrances have some handy sample bottles, which are perfect for travel.

Some facial wash. Facial wash (or even a bar of soap) is great for making you feel instantly cleaner and healthier. Slip into the aeroplane toilet and wash your face thoroughly. Sure, this can be a bit tricky in a confined space, but it’s worth doing– especially just before you go to sleep.


A touch of lipstick. After you’ve been asleep on the plane, you’re likely to feel a bit washed out (and certainly not your best). It’s amazing what a bit of make-up can do, in terms of making you feel more positive and confident. Don’t go for anything too outrageous; a nude lipstick or dash of bronzer should be all you need.

Don’t forget your toothbrush! Some airlines will provide you with a little pack of toothpaste and a brush, but this isn’t always the case. At the very least, bring some strong mints with you – no-one wants to be stuck on an aeroplane with a bad taste in their mouth.

Water (and plenty of it). As mentioned before, aeroplanes are the worst when it comes to dehydration. Although you’ll be given drinks by the cabin crew, it’s seldom enough to keep you properly hydrated, so make sure you bring your own supplies.

A change of top. Okay, so it’s not practical to change your entire outfit; but a fresh t-shirt or vest-top can make the world of difference. Keep it simple and lightweight, as you don’t want to be lugging around heavy items in your hand-luggage