Juvadent Beauty Event with LDN Meet-Up*

Who doesn't love a good old-fashioned blogger event?

Attending events has always been something I have been wary of. If you've seen my overcoming shyness video you'll probably get the gist of why. Anyway last year, I started making a more concerted effort to attend events and meet new people (internal screaming). Anyway, it's actually starting to become something I really enjoy.

So, one windy weekend in January I was lucky enough to attend a beauty blogger event run by the LDN meet-up which was founded by a lovely blogger named Lauren.  The event was sponsored by Juvadent, a aesthetic clinic based in Chelsea, London who specialise in botox. I've been to a aesthetic clinic event before, so I was pretty excited. The event was hosted by the Chelsea All in One Spa, a beautiful boutique salon on the Kings Road. 

Upon arriving we were met with a nice glass of something bubbly, perfect for combating the bitter weather outside. A pleasant surprise after a rather chilly walk. The first brand I met at the event was EDGE Nails, originally only supplied to salons and beauty industry professionals, the brand has now expanding to the everyday consumer. Their newest product, the Annika nail polish range, consists of 30 gorgeous shades, fit for any occasion. I was lucky enough to receive a bottle in the shade Bella Ballerina, a dainty pink shade, which I know I will wear to death. 


After having a lovely chat with EDGE, I then made my way over to the ARK Skincare stand, which if you know me you'll know I was super excited about. I am an absolute skincare fiend and am a sucker for the latest skincare trends. So ARK are a skincare brand who focus around intelligent skincare. All of their products are put into three age categories and/or categories by skin concern. This makes shopping for skincare a lot easier and so much more convenient. I have noticed in the skincare market that many brands are now going down this route, putting the customer first, which is great especially if you have a very specific skincare problem. All of ARK's products contain active natural ingredients and are cruelty free! So you don't need to worry about any nasties being in there which is great if you have sensitive skin like me.

Juvadent beauty blogger event with LDN meet-up

The next brand on my list to visit was False Eyelashes. Funnily enough I had actually met one of the lovely False Eyelashes girls at the KISS X Jess Wright Party in the summer of last year (small world!). So False Eyelashes are a huge online false lashes store who sell an absolutely massive range of lashes and lash accessories like glue, mascaras and more recently eyebrow products. The lovely ladies on the stall even allowed me to try out some of their Red Cherry lashes. I opted for some more wispy, natural looking ones. Personally, I prefer more subtle false eyelashes, mainly because I hate how heavy some of the more fuller lashes feel. Anyway I was really pleased with the finished result, which I am sure you've seen spammed all over my Snapchat (which by the way, if you haven't added is poppymayy).    

Juvadent beauty blogger event with LDN meet-up

Finally after meeting all of the visiting brands I met the main sponsor Juvadent. As I said above, Juvadent are a aesthetic clinic who provide treatments such as botox and lip fillers. Being someone who has never had any cosmetic surgery before I was intrigued to know more. The clinic do pride themselves on achieving more natural looking results, which I was relieved to know. As I am sure, like myself, many of you are aware of those awful plastic surgery stories which are plastered over the internet. However, I am happy to say that I saw no signs of these at Juvadent. They even showed a vlog posted by Lauren herself, taking us through her lip filler journey. Even though watching the procedure did make me squirm a little, the results looks so natural and positively flawless.    

Juvadent beauty blogger event with LDN meet-up

After a few speeches and competition winner announcements by some of the brands, it was time to leave. Upon exiting I was lucky enough to receive a goodie bag, full of beauty products to try out (stay tuned for reviews coming soon). Before I sign this post off I'd just like to thank Lauren from the LDN meet-up for organising such a brilliant event and for giving me the oppurtunity to meet some other lovely brands and bloggers too!

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