KISS Gel Fantasy False Nail Review*

I've tried the KISS gel fantasy nails before,

However recently I got to attend the KISS lash party where I was gifted an amazing goodie bag full of false nails and lashes! As you can probably guess all of the nails were absolutly gorgeous. So gorgeous in fact that I had to show you my favourite set.

kiss gel fantasy false nail review

For starters can we just talk about the colour of these nails? They are right on trend for this season, not to mention they match my new hair. In real life they actually look more of a mauve - a shade which I am absolutly loving at the moment. Also I've always wanted to try out stiletto shaped nails so trying them in a false nail format is definitely a good idea before shaping my real nails like this. I actually really like the shape and think that they make my hands look more dainty and elegant. 

kiss gel fantasy false nail review

As always the nails are really easy to size up and fit - letting you finish your home manicure in less than 12 minutes. The nails also have some incredible staying power. I am three days in already and so far no ping offs yet! What do you think about these stiletto shaped nails? Let me know.

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