My New Hair With Beauty Works Celebrity Choice Slim Line Tape Extensions

I've changed my hair!

If you know me and you've known me for a while you probably know about my obsession with changing my hair - especially with dye. I've been every colour you can think of, brown, blonde, red, ginger, purple and most recently black. Anyway my hair has been plain, old boring black for a while now so I really fancied a change. 

Originally, being as fickle and spontaneous as I am, wanted to dye my hair grey. In my head it sounded perfect however my wonderful hairdresser Sian convinced me all that bleaching and stripping of dyed black hair would not end well for me. So we came up with a compromise - metallic mauve slim line tape extensions by Beauty Works

beauty works celebrity choice slim line tape extensions metallic mauve

As you can see the extensions are darker at the top and as they progress to the bottom they get lighter. We picked these extensions as they would blend in well with my roots but still give my hair that bit of excitement that I wanted. To be honest - the camera really isn't doing the metallic mauve any justice here. It's far more beautiful and vibrant in real life. I still can't quite get over how well the root of the extensions matches my hair. Once all of my black hair dye has faded they will be the perfect match.

I must say the best thing about these extensions is that I can add colour to my hair without putting it through any torture. Also did I mention Sian put them all in, in under thirty minutes? That's fast. I've had micro ring extensions in the past which can take an hour plus to do so these tape extensions really are a miracle. 

beauty works celebrity choice slim line tape extensions metallic mauve

All of my extensions were put underneath as well as over the top of my natural hair so that when my hair is down there is no chance of seeing the extension bond at the top of the extensions. Also the fact that these extensions are extremely flat helps as well. I can run my hands over my head and not even feel a bump - even when it's poker straight. 

The whole process was so easy and so fast. Perfect for us low maintenance girls who want thicker and funner hair without the long hairdressing appointments. As for the upkeep Sian informed me that it's far easier to look after tape extensions than micro rings so I'll definitely update you all on my lazy girl hair extension maintenance soon!

Another important aspect to not about these extensions that they are all 100% human hair so you don't get any frizzy artificial hair mishaps when you apply product or heat to your hair. Typically tape in extensions last anywhere between 8 to 10 weeks. However if you want to take them out before then all you have to do is go to your stylist who will put an oil over the bonds and they'll slide out easy-peasy. 

beauty works celebrity choice slim line tape extensions metallic mauve

I thought it'd be fun to include a few little before and after shots in this post. Above is what my hair looked liked before putting in the extensions - quite long but a rather very boring black. Then below is how my hair looked after the extensions in - straight and with a slight wave in.  

beauty works celebrity choice slim line tape extensions metallic mauve
beauty works celebrity choice slim line tape extensions metallic mauve

So far I absolutely love my new hair extensions. Not only do they look natural they also provide my hair with that little bit of thickness it needs.  As I said before, I'll keep you all updated with how I get on with them and how I plan on looking after them to make them look as beautiful as they did on the first day they were put  in. What do you think of my new hair? And would you ever try out tape extensions? Let me know in the comments below.

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