Late Summer Beauty Wishlist

It's still officially summer...

That's why I've decided to do a last minute summer beauty wishlist. I have to admit there have been more beauty products catching my eye lately - there are just so many gorgeous beauty bits around this time of year than there usually is. 

1. Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette £39.50

beauty blogger late summer beauty wishlist

I probably don't need to say much about this palette as it seems that everyone was raving about it upon it's release not too long ago. Urban Decay eyeshadow pigmentation is always so strong and the formula always have ultimate staying power. I could see myself using pretty much all of the shades in this palette on a daily basis - it could even (dare I say it!) replace my Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani palette as my everyday eyeshadow palette. However unfortunately the Naked Heat palette is sold out on the Urban Decay website at the moment but I'm sure if I have a hunt around I should be able to get my hands on it.   

2. Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour £8.99

beauty blogger late summer beauty wishlist

Browsing through a few of my favourite blogs lately I have come across more than a couple of flawless reviews about the new-ish Revlon Ultra HD matte lipcolour range. I am a complete sucker for matte lipsticks so if I'm completely honest I was ready to purchase one of these before I even read the second or third review. I am absolutly smitten with the shades Embrace and Passion which are both gorgeous dark pink colours - the perfect transitional summer to autumn shades. 

3. Spectrum Brushes Pearly Queen The Bomb Shell Brush Set £79.99

beauty blogger late summer beauty wishlist

I've been adoring the Spectrum brushes for quite some time now, I've just never managed to bit the bullet and  foot the bill for a set. I already have a full real techniques brush set so I can't really justify buying another full set. But who can the deny the sheer beauty of these brushes? The brushes alone are any makeup lover dream and the colour combinations used in the set are to dye for! Not to mention the cute AF seashell purse they come in! After I'm done doing my makeup with the brushes I can then take the bag out with me for a mermaid night out on the town. What's not to love?!

4. Makeup Revolution Rainbow Highlighter £4

beauty blogger late summer wishlist

This is a bit of a wildcard on my list however after seeing it in my local Superdrug a couple of times it has grown on me. I must admit that I purely want this because I think it looks so damn pretty and I have an undeniable addiction to sparkly highlighters. In all honesty though, I think these shades would look great on my pale skin and give my cheekbones a real glittery pop. I think I'd just swipe my brush across all of the shades before applying it to look a true pastel princess. 

5. Iroha Black Nose Detox Strips Set Of Five £5.99

beauty blogger late summer beauty wishlist

I don't know why but I've really been into masks lately however I really want to try out a mask specifically for removing blackheads. I currently use a daily black head scrub but this doesn't always do the job. So while I was walking through Boots on my lunch break I found the Iroha charcoal nose strips. Although I haven't bought them yet I know I will do in the next couple of days and then I'll let you all know how I get on.   

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