Travel Diaries: My Destination Wishlist

I'm really starting to love travelling...

And I'm really excited to start travelling more. That's why I recently created my first travel diary all about the places I've been. That's also why I thought I would create my very own destination wishlist. I decided I'd give myself a limit of ten places though, because otherwise this listicle would turn into a novel. So without further delay, these are the top ten places on my destination wishlist. 

1. Iceland.

travel blogger destination wishlist

For a while now Iceland has been on the top of my travel destination list. Not only because you can see the northern lights there but also because I've heard that it's full of some outstanding natural beauty. The country is quite volcanic and is famous for it's amazing hot springs. While it is cold (unlike many of the other destinations on my list) there are still plenty of opportunities to get outside and explore. 

2. Santorini, Greece.

travel blogger destination wishlist

Clear blue sea, scorching sun and stunning architecture, sign me up for Santorini. This is quite a new addition to my destination list but ever since I saw the Beauty Crush's Santorini vlog and lookbook I've been dying to go. Santorini is a Greek island in the middle of the Aegean sea and it is incredibly picturesque. Two of their towns are even built into the side of the cliffs, overlooking the stunning ocean. Just imagine the views from those houses!

3. Los Angeles, California, USA. 

travel blogger destination wishlist

Would I even be a true blogger if I didn't have LA on my list? I have just one word for you... Disney Land! If you know me, you know that I am a complete Disney freak. Having been to Disney World four times I know that I need to go to the first ever Disney park. Also, did you even go to LA unless you went shopping and took a selfie outside the Chinese movie theatre and the Hollywood sign? I didn't think so. Just give me a plane ticket and a place to stay - I'd happily be the biggest tourist in this city!

4. Sorrento, Italy.

travel blogger destination wishlist

Another European destination built into some cavernous cliffs overlooking a clear blue ocean. Sorrento has been on my list for a very long time, mainly because I have never been to Italy and also because I absolutely adore Italian food. The massive crowds in Rome don't sound to good to me though, so I think Sorrento is a quieter alternative. I also want to go to experience the culture that Italy has to offer - with so much history tied to the country I am sure while I am sunning myself I can find some artifacts to marvel at. The perfect combination of beaches and exploration.

5. Bali, Indonesia. 

travel blogger destination wishlist

I haven't explored Asia much, mainly because it is usually quite an expensive air fare and also because the plane rides are so long. However I would definitely stomach both for Bali. Known for it's spectacular volcanic mountains, rice paddies and coral reefs, it has so many places to trek, hike, swim and adventure through. That's why it's on my list. I also want to educate myself more on Asian cultures and visit places of worship like the Uluwatu Temple. I think it'd be the perfect destination to learn, reflect and grow. 

6. Machu Picchu, Peru.

travel blogger destination wishlist

Ever since we were around sixteen Elliott and I have always talked about going to Machu Picchu. I think we're both set on this destination because it's in the middle of the Andes where we can hike for days and once we get there we will be rewarded with the view of this 15th century citadel. I have always loved the idea of witnessing something this marvellous and this old. The amount of things that could have happened there, the people that could have stood there and the many reasons as to why it was abandoned are fascinating to me. 

7. Hawaii.

travel blogger destination wishlist

One of the first places my parents went together as a couple was Hawaii and ever since it has been the one holiday they talk about the most. The way they describe it makes it sound like a paradise. The friendly and welcoming habitants, the beautiful natural landscapes and the refreshing food are what draw me to this destination the most. I think it'd be one of the most relaxing places to visit on this list but I think I'd come back, and like my parents, want to go back again. 

8. The Rockies, Canada. 

travel blogger destination wishlist

I've always been intrigued by Canada as a nation for several reasons - mainly because I have watched several nature documentaries about Canada and the amount of glorious, mountainous landscapes is my idea of heaven - I also love the fact that Canada has two native languages English and French (both of which I speak-ish!). I know the Canadian rockies isn't within one of the French regions, however I do know it is full of extraordinary natural beauty which ticks a big must-have for destinations I want to visit.  

9. Tokyo, Japan. 

travel blogger destination wishlist

Ever since my emo/goth/scene kid days I've always wanted to go to Tokyo. When I was experimenting with my style I would take Japanese influences and combine them with my black converse, knee high socks and back-combed hair. And even now, some years later, I am still very interested in this part of Japanese culture, their approach to fashion is something that I think will always inspire me. Therefore a visit to the Harajuku district is a must to capture some street style snaps as well as do some shopping and try out the best Japanese food. 

10.  French Polynesia. 

travel blogger destination wishlist

I know it's another beach destination, but I just can't help it! I adore being by the sea. The French Polynesian is easily one of the most instagrammable destinations in the entire world. The clear blue sea, white sand and luxurious holiday complexes- what more could you want from a relaxing getaway? I think this would be the perfect place to whisk yourself off to when you need a break from the real world and want to indulge yourself in something beautifully breathtaking. 

So, that's the end of my destination wishlist. Whilst I have no solid plans to go to any of them any time soon I'm sure I'll let you know if I ever make it to any of them. Do you have any destinations on your wishlist? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to know.

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