Let's Get Real

We need to talk...

You may have been wondering where I have been lately. It's actually been over a whole month since I've posted and although it greatly upset me in the beginning, I'm glad I took a small break from blogging. 

I absolutly adore blogging and the blogging community. However sometimes it can all get quite overwhelming and I need to take a step back to look at myself. It's easy to spend majority of your free time online, scrolling through feeds, posting selfies and of course the inevitable session or two of comparing yourself to everything you're seeing. 

Before I took my blogging break I noticed myself doing this alot. I was scrolling through Instagram and Twitter thinking why am I not as successful as this person? Why am I not as attractive as that person? Why am I not as fit as this person? And the list goes on and on...

That's when I realised, this is not healthy. I was never going to achieve what I wanted if all I kept doing was stacking myself up against these people. Comparing yourself to others and making yourself feel inadequate compared to others is not something you should have time for if you're chasing down your dreams and smashing your goals. 

So feeling low I decided to take a break from the blogging world. I decided I wasn't going to post, I banned myself from Instagram, I stopped scrolling through Twitter and I simply took myself offline.

This break couldn't have come at a better time either, because during the blogosphere ban Elliott and I took a trip down to the West Country. Our little break was perfect - I had no distractions and I could really take my time enjoying the countryside and spending some time with Elliott. Stay tuned for a post on this coming soon. 

As well as going on a small staycation I also decided to start focusing more on my physical fitness. Not only is this good for my body but it's good for my mind too. I've actually found that exercising in the gym helps me burn off all of my negative energy and afterwards I feel great. Don't get me wrong I used to go to the gym before but now I'm making more of an effort to train at least four times a week. I know this may sound like a lot when paired with my dance classes but I think it's really helping me keep a clear mind. 

Lastly, during my break I decided to set myself some goals, as I said I'm aiming to train four times a week. However I've also added in a few others - don't feel pressured to write but when you do write make sure the content is spot on, spend at least three to four hours a week brushing up on my French and make more of an effort to spend time with my loved ones. 

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