Shadow Switch Make-Up Brush Cleaner Review*

You all know I hate cleaning make-up brushes don't you?

If you don't then you probably haven't read my last make-up brush cleaner review? Anyway I'm pretty lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes- the quicker, the better. So when this Shadow Switch make-up brush cleaner made it into my post I was very excited. 

beauty blogger shadow switch review

I love the whole idea of the Shadow Switch. You know when you're using more than one shadow shade and still want to use the same brush but don't want to get the colours all mixed together on the brush? Well, this could be the quick fix you're looking for. 

beauty blogger shadow switch review

Basically the Shadow Switch is a dry make-up brush cleaner. All you have to do is circle your unclean brush across the black mesh like material inside and vio-la! It's clean! It really is that easy. Of course, always test your make-up brush on the back of your hand to make sure that it is fully clean before using it with another shadow. 

beauty blogger shadow switch review

I'm not entirely sure what the sponge like mesh is made from but what I do know is it works without a hitch. The thing I love most about this product is that it's so easy to use and compacted into a travel friendly tin. I think I may have found my solution to my lazy make-up brush cleaning problem!

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