Style Snaps: Insta Autumn Lookbook

I think I've inadvertently started a new fashion post project...

I have found a new love in fashion flat lay photography. It all started about two weeks ago when I bought this bomb metallica tee that I knew I definitely needed to show the entire world but to be honest the day I got it I wasn't feeling too hot and I didn't want to have to wait to post. Have any other fellow bloggers felt this way? So I took the only viable option and created an outfit of the day flat lay there and the with my messy hair, no make-up face and trackie pants. Sweet.

Since then I have racked a few little ootd flatlays and thought it would be a great idea to share them with you all on here. As I said I took all of these photos a while ago so all of the flatlays in this edition are catered for autumn weather in London - nowhere near warm enough for the bitter weather now!

That bomb-ass metallica tee


H&M metallica tee | Urban Outfitters skinny jeans | Primark leopard print boots | Ebay choker | Roxy handbag

You already know what the main focus is in this outfit - it's one of my favourite pieces I have bought recently and to be honest I don't even have a specific reason why. This metallica tee is just one of the comfiest and 'me' band tees I have ever come across. First things first I obviously love metallica and secondly I adore this weird pink/peach shade. It's a clear win-win situation. I really wanted to play up the tee and keep everything else a little subtle. The grey wash jeans allow the pink in the top to stand out and they're some of the comfiest jeans I own. On my feet I decided to channel my fifteen year old self and wear some flat leopard print chelsea boots (I wasn't just channeling my fifteen year old self - I literally got these shoes when I was fifteen!). To finish off my first fashion flatlay I topped the look off with a hamsa hand choker which I am obsessed with and one of my most reliable and most used weekend bags. 

The 'it's-getting-kinda-cold' knit


Shein bananas tee | Pull and Bear flannel | H&M bobble hat | Pink leggings | New Look flats | Forever 21 sunglasses

This flatlay is literally me every single weekend when I don't have to do anything. Layering is a key technique in my outfit styling arsenal, it's easy, looks pretty cool and keeps me warm. On this particular day I was feeling a little fun so I grabbed this 'I'm bananas for you' cropped tee and threw a classic red flannel shirt over the top. Effortless. A neutral knitted hat to keep my ears warm when I venture out into the autumnal tundra that is London is a must too. Plus with it's little fluffy bobble (which you can't see in this picture) it looks super cute. On my bottom half I decided to go with grey again (perhaps my new obsession?) and slip on some skin tight speckled leggings which are super thick. For shoes - comfort is key on lazy days - I just decided to wear some simple yet chic red and black flats. To complete my look I also threw in a pair of sunglasses. I know it's not summer but damn do these do well hiding me when I don't want to be seen running errands in zombie mode. 

The easy effort chic combination


New Look coat | Missguided monochrome skirt | H&M femme tee | H&M heeled boots

Styling black and white pieces is one of my favourite fashion things to do. Not only is it incredibly easy but it also gives us less flamboyant trend-setters the chance to experiment with more patterns and textures. I revolved this entire flatlay around my famous black fluffy coat. Let's just say if you've known me in winter, you know my fluffy coat. We're a package deal when the weather starts to get chilly. Speaking of chilly, although they're not in this snap, I definitely had to wear some tights with this look. Over top of them I dug out this monochrome arrow patterned skirt which gives me modern minimalist vibes like I'm some hot shot art director in New York. You know the vibes I mean right? I then threw on this slightly feminist inspired slogan tee that reads 'femme vibes' across the chest. Finally I finished off the look with my trusty chunky black heeled boots. The ultimate autumnal footwear. 

That's a wrap for my first every insta inspired fashion flatlay lookbook. I'm really enjoying putting together these posts so if you want more flatlay ootds make sure you follow me on instagram where I post my outfits as soon as I shoot them. If you enjoy this type of most more so than traditional lookbooks please let me know in the comments below and I'll be sure to make a winter edition.   

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