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Style Snaps: Insta Spring Femme Luxe Lookbook*

Now that spring is finally here (kinda!) I am so exciting to start styling some more colourful and breezy looks here on my blog. So, to kick this spring season off I have collaborated again with Femme Luxe, an online trend inspired clothing store that stock an array of styles and pieces for a variety of occasions. However, this particular lookbook is going to be focusing more pieces that you can style yourself throughout the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

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Style Snaps: Insta Femme Luxe Lookbook*

At the moment I am rediscovering my love for styling and fashion.  Although fashion hasn't been represented on my blog as much in the last few months, it's still something I am very passionate about. Throughout the years my style has changed so much and has become more diverse and fluid. I'm not such a purist about style anymore and I like to explore all sorts of different outfits, combining textures, colours and styles. 

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Style Snaps: Insta Workwear Lookbook

Finally back at it with another fashion post! I actually really enjoyed creating my last insta lookbook post. It was really refreshing because I have a secret (or not so secret) obsession with flat lays and I could take all of the photos myself without bugging Elliott or another loved way to shoot me in my outfits. Also, all of these looks in this insta lookbook are outfits I actually wear to work, so it's quicker (and more fun!) for me to shoot them as flatlays rather than OOTDs

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Style Snaps: Insta Autumn Lookbook

I think I've inadvertently started a new fashion post project... I have found a new love in fashion flat lay photography. It all started about two weeks ago when I bought this bomb metallic tee that I knew I definitely needed to show the entire world but to be honest the day I got it I wasn't feeling too hot and I didn't want to have to wait to post. Have any other fellow bloggers felt this way? So I took the only viable option and created an outfit of the day flat lay there and the with my messy hair, no make-up face and trackie pants. Sweet.

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Conquering Curvy: The Boutique of Molly Edit*

So welcome, to my first Conquering Curvy fashion edit. In this edit I am specifically going to be talking about a fabulous brand called Boutique of Molly.  Firstly, let me give you a little bit of background on them. 

I first came across this brand when I saw the stunning Lauren from Sahara Splash in the Tara Tunic. I then went on to explore the site and came across two playsuits I thought would be perfect for my Conquering Curvy edits. 

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