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New Hair Resolutions, Hair Care Tips For Thin Flat Hair

I am not really one for new year resolutions, however I do always have some things in mind that I want to work on for myself. This year I want to focus more on getting my hair healthy. Unfortunately, my obsession with skincare and makeup means that sometimes my haircare routine falls flat. So I have decided that starting from now I am going to make an extra effort to look after my hair.

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My New Hair With Beauty Works Celebrity Choice Slim Line Tape Extensions

I've changed my hair! If you know me and you've known me for a while you probably know about my obsession with changing my hair - especially with dye. I've been every colour you can think of, brown, blonde, red, ginger, purple and most recently black. Anyway my hair has been plain, old boring black for a while now so I really fancied a change. 

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