The Skincare Tips That Changed My Life

Skincare can be tricky.

It's almost like a journey and a process of trial and error. A few years ago one product may have done wonders but now it doesn't even begin to make a difference. Similarly you may want to try out a new product and find that it gives you a bad reaction but on your friend who has similar skin to you it seems to work just fine. I know the drama. 

However over the last few years I have found a few different skincare tips that actually work for me consistently. But just to let you know - these aren't product based tips. They are sustainable practices that you can work into your everyday life and develop into habits, that aren't just good for your skin but also good for your general well-being too.

Drink at least two litres of water a day

I know that pretty much every beauty guru (not that I am one!) swears by drinking at least two litres of water a day. Seeing this tip plastered over blogs and yelled to the heavens on YouTube I thought I had to put it to the test. That was around three years ago and I haven't looked back since. I have to say that drinking plenty of water throughout the day has not only made my skin clearer, it's also become more naturally smooth, plump and glowy. 

Sweat it out

Even as a child I have always been pretty active. However whilst I was finishing up at university and starting my first full-time job, I started to exercise less. This is when I really started to notice my skin reddening in areas and becoming increasingly dry. I tried product after product and nothing seemed to be changing. That's when I thought about what changes had I made to my life recently that has affected my skin? At first I thought it may have been stress (which it totally could have been!). But then I realised I had gone from exercising five or more hours a week to literally nothing. After a few weeks of sweating it out at the gym and dance classes my skin began to transform back to its original self. I'm not sure exactly why this helped - perhaps it's something to do with your pores and sweat glands. Anyway that's why now I dedicate myself to getting a moderate amount of exercise per week.  

Get at least seven hours of sleep a night

Sleep is so important. I am on of those people who has always found getting to sleep pretty easy (definitely lucked out here!) however like most people I do succumb to the temptation of staying up late from time to time. However, when I do my skin definitely doesn't thank me for it, especially on weeknights when I have a full day of work the next day. I always find that my skin is in tip top shape when I've had at least seven hours of sleep. Not only does sleep help rejuvenate your skin, it also helps replenish the mind and get you physically and mentally ready for a new day. 

Eat all the greens

This is definitely something I haven't always been good at. After all do you know many teenagers that prefer a bunch of broccoli over a slice of pizza? Anyway, eating green vegetables like broccoli, kale and spinach can do wonders for your skin. This is because veggies like this are packed full of vitamin C which keeps your skin healthy by helping it produce collagen. Furthermore these sorts of foods also contain disease fighting phytochemicals, like chlorophyll that helps protect your skin and prevent aging prematurely.  

Practice mindfulness   

It's no secret that stress and anxiety can cause your skin to act up. Therefore to keep your skin in good condition it's important to practice mindfulness. When I say mindfulness most people think I am talking about meditation, and while this could be a part of it, what I mean by mindfulness is slightly broader than that. For me, mindfulness is about taking the time to relax and removing yourself from your hectic life to admire the world around you. Whether it's going on a walk, listening to some of your favourite music or just lying in bed - taking time for yourself is practicing mindfulness.