Travel Diaries: Exploring London**

Staycations are great...

Whether it is due to the rising costs of going abroad or simply that there is much to explore in the country that you live, a lot has to be said of a staycation. From exploring in Devon to going a little further afield, England has much beauty to see and sights to explore. And being UK based, you can’t wrong with a staycation in London. As the old saying goes, when you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life.

But when you think of London, the first places that will come to mind are places like Buckingham Palace, South Kensington, and Oxford Street. And while those tourist areas are great to explore, sometimes getting to know London as a Londoner can be a better idea; there are some real treasures! I mean, it isn’t like people that live in London do their regular shopping on Oxford Street unless they really have to.

So how can you explore like a Londoner?

For starters, your accommodation will have a lot to do with it. While budget hotels like Travelodge or Premier Inn are scattered all over the city, they are traps for tourists. But the high-end hotels could be out of your price range (though one can dream of staying at The Dorchester, right?). So if you are looking for something a little different as you explore London, then it could be worth looking into a serviced luxury apartment like these ones:

Being able to pop back for lunch or dinner gives you the comforts of home, which will help you to feel more like a local. Not to mention being able to cook for yourself is going to be much cheaper than eating out.


If you’re not too interested in the ‘typical’ sights of London, then there are plenty of areas to explore that won’t be full of Americans looking at maps! For starters, according to Visit London (, East London is the part of town that you want to be in if you want to party and have a typical 'London' good time. With trendy bars and warehouse parties it is a lesser known area for tourists, but still a great place for a night out. Shoreditch and the markets are worth a visit too. They're especially good if you want to beat the crowds that you might find in somewhere like Covent Garden or Bond Street.

London really is an incredible place. It is known all over the world for being one of the most culturally influential and diverse cities. While there are plenty for the tourists to see and do, an alternative London can be just as enjoyable if you cast your net a little further afield. So why not rediscover the magic of the city? A quick weekend spent in a less than typical area of the capital, will leave you falling in love with London all over again.