Where Have I Been?

Let's be honest, I've been a bit absent on my blog lately. 

I don't like to post less than twice a week really - but I actually haven't posted on here now since last month! At first this made me feel really guilty and lazy however I know that sometimes it's good to take a break from social media and my blog. 

So now is the time that I tell you why I've been away for the past two weeks - I've moved out of my parents house! I haven't actually spoken about moving out on my social media or on here before mainly because I wanted to be settled into my new home before I told my online family all about it. 

Who did I live with now?

You've probably all guessed this already but I'm going to tell you anyway - I'm now living with Elliott (my fiance). We really wanted to move in together before we started any wedding planning and we obviously just wanted to live together so we could spend more time together. 

Why did I move out?

Similarly to my point above Elliott and I really wanted to spend more time together and plan our wedding so this was the main reason. However there are also a few others - I think it was time that I had my own space. Of course I loved living with my parents but I think you'll all agree that no one should stay at home with their parents and rely on them forever. It was time to leave the nest and start doing more things for myself. 

When did I move out?

I officially moved out at the beginning of May - that's why there have been no posts since the end of April. I'm still making my way through mountains of boxes! 

What sort of place do I live in now?

Elliott and I live in a new build two bedroom apartment. It's the perfect size for our first home together. If you want to see more of my apartment go over to my Youtube channel where I'm sure I'll upload a vlog all about it very soon. 

How do I feel about moving out?

Obviously I feel very excited! Our first few weeks here have been great - we've done a few trips to Ikea to make the place a bit more homely and it really feels more like ours now. Of course, it's a little bit of a bittersweet situation - bitter because I am sad to have moved out of my childhood home but sweet because I'm excited for this new adventure!

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