First Impressions: Joan Collins Divine Lips Lipsticks*

Where would a girl be without a trusty lipstick or two?

Having a range of lipsticks in different finishes and shades really allows you to create as many different looks as your heart desires. Lipsticks can either really define your look and make it what it is or just add a subtle finishing touch that is the cherry on top of your makeup.

So when I was given the opportunity to try the Joan Collins Divine Lips lipsticks* in two different shades I couldn't pass it up. You probably saw that not too long ago I reviewed the Joan Collins Class Act mascara too - whilst I was not blown away by it, I still thought I'd give the lipsticks a try. And what can I say? I'm glad I did!


As you can see the packaging, like all Joan Collins' products is absolutely stunning. I love the classic chic shape of the lipsticks tubes. They look gorgeous and very much at home on my vintage dressing table as well as in any one of my makeup bags.  

I received two shades - one called Evelyn and one called Suzy Star. Evelyn is the bright pink shade which when I first saw it didn't really think it was my kind of colour. However I think once applied lightly with a little gloss over the top I think it'll look perfect in the daytime. The shade Suzy Star is more of a coral shade and in my opinion more wearable.  

As you can see from the swatches above both of the lipsticks are very pigmented and wouldn't need more than two coats to be prominent on the lips. Which shade was your favourite?

Poppy Mayy (1).png