First Impressions: Joan Collins Paparazzi Compact Duo*

What girl doesn't love a good compact set?

I don't know about you but I find compact sets so helpful. Not only because they fit neatly into my on-the-go makeup bag but I also have two staple products that are only taking up the size of one. I haven't used that many compact duos in the past however after trying out the Joan Collins lipsticks I couldn't say no to another one paired with a powder (which I haven't even tried out yet).

Beauty blogger reviews Joan Collins Paparazzi Compact Duo

Cue the Joan Collins Paparazzi Compact Duo* beauty set. The set comes with one of the Divine Lips lipsticks, the skin responsive pressed powder and of course the compact mirror to store it all in. You can get this set with different lipstick shades. The lipstick shade I received in my set is called 'Sadie'.

The packaging, as with all Joan Collins products is classic, sophisticated and chic. The gold compact looks perfect on any dressing table or in any make-up bag. What I also like about this packaging is the neat little cut out that the lipstick sits in. I think it gives the compact a little extra interest - but don't worry the lipstick won't fall out in transit. I've tested this out on my commute to work and a very turbulent power walk to the gym.  

Beauty blogger reviews Joan Collins Paparazzi Compact Duo

The compact duo also comes with a little powder puff to apply the pressed powder. It's pretty small and a little thin but just what you expect to come with sets like this. The powder itself however is a very nice formula. It applies smoothly with the powder puff and the shade actually blends in nicely with my skin tone. I wouldn't recommend anyone to use this powder as a full coverage foundation - but as a lightweight everyday foundation this ticks all the boxes for me. It gives your skin a very natural finish and doesn't flake as long as you have moisturised skin underneath.

Beauty blogger reviews Joan Collins Paparazzi Compact Duo

I'd also like to add that this foundation is pretty good especially if you don't particular like or wear foundation often. As I said, it's weightless, so it doesn't block your pores and make your skin feel like it's suffocating. The formula is very easy to take off too - no excessive scrubbing or aggressive wiping needed, a cotton pad and some micellar water seem to do the job in one sweeping motion.  

Beauty blogger reviews Joan Collins Paparazzi Compact Duo

I've reviewed a few of the Divine Lips lipsticks before, so I knew what to expect from this one. The shade 'Sadie' in the compact I received is a very wearable shade somewhere between pink and red. What I like most about this colour is the small glittery flecks throughout which made the lipstick look almost metallic if packed on. As always the formula is really pigmented, super moisturising and smells fantastic. Like I said I knew what to expect. 

Overall I would definitely recommend this compact to anyone who wants a double purpose make-up compact on the go or for anyone who loves lightweight powder foundations. I know I will be getting some use out of this when I'm darting about London commuting from one blogger event to another. 

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